Monday, January 23, 2017

New Ideas for Old Pieces

We recently met at the home of Gen G for our first FJ meeting of the year. Last year, at one of our smaller meetings, Kate, Mary and I did some brainstorming. We brought pieces that were unfinished and needed input. It was such a productive and fun meeting, we decided to repeat it as our first meeting of 2017. What better way to start the new year than with lots of inspiration.
We always have lots to show and share so we did that first. Kate made this lovely piece which included strip piecing and...
circles sewn with a machine buttonhole stitch which is one of my favorite stitches.
Denny made this beautiful pieced quilt using wonderfully vibrant colors. I'm always in awe of good piecing and perfect points.

Gen is a master of technique as well as color.  This beautiful piece utilizes decorator fabric samples.
Now, onto some brainstorming. Mary brought a bunch of woolens and plaids she had been given...this is so up Mary's alley and we're all anxious to see what she does with them.
This is the most luscious piece of fabric ever! Mary dyed this old linen on one of our trips to Folly. She also had another piece dyed in browns which she used a while back; it was a beautiful finished piece so I'm anxious to see what she does with this.
And another piece of fabric from Mary waiting for some input. Mary doesn't remember if this was something she did or bought this way...either way, it will be a fun piece to play with.
Kate brought this wonderful piece...not sure if she felt it was done...but we all agreed it was done!  I remember she made a transparency transfer for the image, to use over the collaged design - really a unique piece.
Gen was finishing up this piece, not knowing where to go with the negative space.
Denny is venturing into creating a large quilt using block of the month. Denny has always worked with her own designs and imagery but sometimes it's just nice to do something that is designed for you. One major change to her quilt is her choice of background fabric. The pattern suggests muslin but Denny decided it would be too flat and this would have more interest...I totally agree with her.
She photocopied the fabric,
then the pattern was printed on top...
and then using markers, she colored in her design. I thought this was such a great tip and really lets you see how the patterned background will work in the finished quilt.

Denny has also been working on many small pieces as a result of Hollis Chatelain's Ten Year Masters Art Series that Denny has been taking...I do believe this is the tenth year.
Some of the exercises include working with various designs interpreted in neutrals
and other colorways.

Denny has been using photos to interpret in fabric...this was a black and white interpretation of the picture above different when you start steering away from color.
This was a piece that was to be remade using another focal point for which Denny chose
and old ferris be used as a major part of the background. There was a lot of suggestions, ideas from everyone FOR everyone so I hope I got my facts straight but I will say that this is such a fun meeting...It's not a "critique" meeting which some shy away from...just great input and suggestions from some very creative minds...What a great day.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Snow Dyeing Results

A couple of weeks ago, I ventured into the world of snow dyeing. I've had some interesting results. 
 Some observations - good color...of course I would have assumed that as I used lots of dye powder and great mercerized pfd cotton broadcloth. Another very obvious difference between this and ice dyeing was the crispness of the design (see farther down the post). This piece used wet fabric which had been soaked in soda ash. It measures @ 24" square. I like the design but very soft edges.
 In the same tray, I also tried a smaller piece measuring @ 15" square.
 This piece is also around 24" square and started with wet fabric also soaked in soda ash.
 And a close-up of the center.
 This is the smaller 15"square which was soaked in soda ash, let dry and manipulated. The dye powders were applied to dry fabric.
 And the bigger 24" piece of fabric also dry. I didn't see much difference between starting wet or dry.
 But here is where the difference was really obvious...the above is ice dyed (from several months ago) and the one above that is snow dyed...same technique except for the use of snow or ice. The ice dyeing created much sharper edges and a more crystalline effect. I really liked the ice dyed one better but am happy for the chance to try working with snow...We don't get much snow here so this is probably it for this season.
And here is the underneath piece of fabric...fabric placed in the pan underneath the racks of fabric to catch the drippings. I am linked to Off the Wall Fridays and Whoop, Whoop Friday. Check out these fun sites to see what other fiber artists are up to.

Monday, January 16, 2017

PTA - Pt 2

To continue our wonderful day with PTA...after going to the Curbside market, we ventured over to Georgia's home for lunch and show and tell.
 Georgia has a beautiful studio space with a great wall for displaying quilts. This particular quilt was made by a friend of hers...long ago and features so many wonderful "calicos" as I used to call them. It was a walk down memory lane for all of us as we pointed out the fabrics we had used also.
 This piece Georgia started at our retreat last year....went together beautifully.
 Mary is always finding new ways to use her love of felting.....she has been making votive candle holders using the battery operated votive candles inside.
 At our Fiber Junkies group Christmas party this year, we decided to do a nice white elephant...Mary picked this gift which turned out to be perfect for her...This beautiful piece of felt was made by Val and Mary turned it into a lovely small wall hanging.
 Mary B has been busy finishing up projects...this very whimsical piece is almost finished.
 Once a week, Mary goes to her church for a creativity day. They have been working on creating collages based on a Bible verse...This is the cover of the book...The collage pics didn't turn out, but the whole idea was very clever.
 Kate has also been working on finishing up projects...
 This one is almost done. It's such a good feeling to clean out and be able to use our old UFOs...
 Kate made this adorable I Spy quilt for a friends baby...Her friend got to choose the centers for each fun is that!
 The quilt was backed with that ultra soft, stretchy fabric...think it's called minky...Kate quilted this on a long arm...said it was a bear to quilt because it was so stretchy but it looked perfect and ohhhh so soft!
 Marene Parsons, our newest member wowed us with the quilt she made as a hostess gift. Her colors were yummy and my favorite colors...
with beautiful quilting. A lucky lady who gets this. Well, this wonderful group I'm a part of has once again put me to shame....They are so prolific..I have to have a dose of whatever they are taking.
Til next time.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

PTA - Pt 1

We had our first meeting of the new year at Georgia Bonesteel's home...but first a trip to the Curb Market in Hendersonville. I had never been and now that Georgia has a booth there, a good reason to go. The market is open on Thursdays and Saturdays in winter and additonally tuesdays from March on through summer and fall. It has a wonderful country feel and I felt like I was back at my aunts house in upstate NY.
This market offers space for a yearly can share the space or not but it has to be manned on the days that it is open. 
Georgia has her beautiful quilts and other fiber items along with her books. She is also sharing space with Gen Grundy - another wonderfully talented quilter. Georgia keeps her BERNINA in the little space between booths that back up onto one another. This way she can sew when traffic is slow.
Her booth looked amazing and full of beautiful fiber goodies.

A lot of Gen's very colorful work was hanging across the top.

The market accommodates many vendors with a wide variety of things to offer...most are hand made. I love dried flowers and had so many, many years ago ...but for a while they went out of style but now they seem to be back.
Cathy, a very sweet and talented lady makes these wonderful embroidered towels, potholders etc and will do custom orders.
Creative gourds...
and food products like these multi colored eggs, honey, jams and apples. After the market, it was back to Georgia's home which she calls - Quilt Built...for lunch and show and be continued.