Saturday, June 23, 2018

Fiber Day Fashion Show

The Southern Highland Craft Guild always has a fashion show on Fiber Weekend. This amazing event has always been organized and run by Liz Spear.
It is held in the auditorium of the Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville, NC.
Although the stage and surroundings are simple, the garments and accessories are not. This year 81 pieces were represented in the show.
Why is this so amazing you ask?....because each piece is either dyed, woven, deconstructed etc or a combination of many techniques. It is a feast for the eyes if you love fiber. The above top is handwoven...beautiful colors.
This jacket was a combination of techniques. The same models volunteer each year....who wouldn't want the chance to wear one of these beautiful garments, if only for a short time.
I loved these pants and they looked adorable on this model.
Annette is modeling a beautiful handwoven scarf/shawl which works beautifully with her black outfit.
This ensemble is a trademark look for Barbara Kazinski who dyes all her own silk for these outfits.
This oversized hand woven jacket could work on any figure type.
This magnificent long shibori dyed coat was lightweight and flowed beautifully.
A beautiful handwoven vest and
another scarf and top from Jude Stuecker. I love this gals work. Not only does she dye all her fabric, but creates her own designs to be made into silkscreens which she then screens on top. You can see some on the scart and near the shoulder of the jacket.
A beautiful top woven with hand dyed yarns...
and this lovely hand painted silk piece.
This piece incorporated the use of paper as one of the interesting and quite durable to my surprise.
This loosely woven jacket was interesting and very comfortable.
So this was my favorite, created and modeled by Vicki Bennett.....the left side (our left) is all eco printed using Eucolyptus leaves and yes they printed that color. They do print well but I've never seen that color print on fabric. The jacket was magnificent and had offers to buy it before Vicki had it off her body...As an eco printer myself (and a very "beginner" one at that) I'm always fascinated by the process and the many results you can get.
The grand finale...this is Liz's last year for doing the show and after 20 years it was time for a break. I told her, it's always good to go out when you're on top and on top she is! Liz is a great gal and puts her heart and soul into everything she does...Thank you Liz for 20 wonderful years.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Grovepark Inn - Birthday celebration

The Grovepark Inn in Asheville is a beautiful (and our favorite) place to go.
It's a 5 star hotel that has hosted many presidents and other well known people.
You can just go and walk around or eat in one of their restaurants...
We were celebrating a birthday so this was the choice.
This is looking out the back - the city of Asheville...
Quite breathtaking....
and the sunset. We always manage to have our wine just as the sun is going down.
myself and hubby.....who turned ______ yesterday!
and our son Mike who loves to come here too...It's always a wonderful time and even though it's not sewing related, I love for it to be in my blog book when I have it printed each year.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Making Kits

Recently our Fiber Junkies group met for an unscheduled meeting to make kits. Mary has been trying to find good homes for a pod full of fabric gifted to her from a dear friend.
 Some of the fabric would make good community quilts. This is one of the projects our PTA group does each year......sooooo.....we decided to make kits for this meeting. We had lots of tables to hold the Accu Quilt machines, places to lay fabric for color selection etc.
 Here we are spreading out and getting ready to do some cutting....
 Meetings would not be complete without a glass of bubbly.
 Denny has the strip cutter along with an electric cutting machine making our work go faster.

 So much fun to see those long strips coming out all at once...
 and Mary our ironing person.
 I think we did a good job putting fabrics together. We wound up with many different color ways which will make into some pretty quilts.
We wound up with 8 kits....a good days work and lots of fun to do with friends.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Eco Cards

The leaves are blooming again and time to get back into Eco I managed to squeeze in a day to play with this wonderful technique. I've explained in previous blogs how to do this so today's post is just a short show and tell...
 I love doing bookmarks with all the smaller pieces left over. I didn't know how popular they would be with so many people owning kindles or listening to audio books (myself included) but...

They do well and people seem to enjoy them ........

I loved doing the large prints that make into cards - some Maple and Redbud above...
Maple and fern....
More Maple
Oakleaf Hydrangea on left and Eucalyptus on right.
All are good for printing and make into beautiful cards or book covers.
A happy camper now that the leaves are on the trees again....I look forward to doing lots this summer.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

A Break from my Studio

Sometimes a break from your studio compells you even more to get back in it. My husband's cousin came to visit recently and never having been to NC...we gave her the royal tour...for 9 days!...We were all so tired but happy campers. Here are some highlights...
We do love to go to downtown Asheville...such a pretty and manageable city. This is the Grove Arcade...
and of course the famous iron sculpture of an iron. Every quilter that comes here wants to see the iron.
We love the Battery Park book exchange and champagne bar. We have some of our PTA fiber group meetings here...You can reserve a space like the one in the upper left, sit and read, have some sweet goodies and's a wonderful idea. You are surrounded by used and "in wonderful condition" books.
We also went to the Biltmore Estate....everyone needs to see this at least once.
Our luck, they now have an exhibit of the costumes from the movie - Titanic
They also feature a picture of the scene the costumes were used in.
Eating lunch in the stable is always is good and the ambiance - wonderful!

Very impressive...more than 250 rooms in this estate..only a small percentage is open to the public. The rooms chosen for the tour give you a good idea of life on the estate from the upstairs aristocrats to the downstairs help.

The hothouse is one of my favorite things...plants are lush...
And as luck would have it, we got to see the tulip festival going on...only lasts a short time so we picked the perfect time.

We also went up to Little Switzerland on the Blue Ridge parkway...a beautiful ride but avoid 226A...My husband knows how badly I react on these twisty snakelike roads...apparently I'm not alone. Not only do they have a sign and large snake (on right) but t-shirts you can buy saying you survived 226A...that about says it all.

At such high elevations on the parkway, we saw some beautiful sights with fog and ice crystals on trees...

I got some great pictures of trees for my file...lots of possibilities for quilts and silkscreens.
Another place we like to go to is the Grove Park Inn...a nice way to end the week.
We have been going to this place since our Marietta Georgia days...we happened on it on one of yearly leaf peepin trips to Asheville...we've been going ever since...a magical place.
You can see the city of Asheville from the back of the Inn....and it never gets old. It was a busy and fun time to get back in the studio.