Sunday, January 14, 2018

SAQA January 2018

The Mountain Art Quilters which is a satelite group of SAQA in the Asheville, NC area had its first meeting of the New Year this past week...everyone was enthused to get back into the creative swing of things. Some gals have been very busy and brought some lovely things to share.
 I love the combination of pink and black and the interesting birds...each one different.
Mary created this very big and lovely quilt using Japanese fabrics.
I like the way she used the brownish cranberry strips to highlight each square.
Julie has been busy making quilts out of African prints. She was concerned that this looked like a panel but not so and doesn't give that impression in's very vibrant.
Julie loves to do hand stitching and this piece has some beautiful hand work on it.

Kathy has started a new series of quilts using photos of places around Asheville. She said she wandered around looking at landmarks etc. and nothing grabbed her and then she came upon this street with interesting texture in the buildings and a canopy of trees...On the left is the picture she used for inspiration.
Some lovely piecing in the background.

Mary Jane likes to work in sheers and brought this small piece that she wants to incorporate with some cotton/silk blended sheer. It was luscious and a picture would not do it justice.
Our little group is growing and each meeting seems to bring new people...this gal (so sorry...don't know her name yet) brought some wonderful pieces highly embellished with some very fun things. these little orange thing-eys are pipe cleaners and do they ever bring back memories...As kids, we used to cut them apart to create caterpillars...don't remember what we used them for but they were so soft and fun to pet.

And more on the trees...
This gal has so much fun with her pieces and fun for us to see also...everywhere you look is something clever.
So here is a lovely piece mounted on a stretched canvas that has been painted black. It's quite lovely in person.
Such a fun meeting and so inspiring...nice way to kick off the New Year.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and wishing you all a wonderful, healthy, happy and creative year doing things you love to do. So far that wish has not reached my life - the creative part anyway as the crazies continue to many house projects. We are at the 11 year mark when things start to go (unlike 30 years ago when things lasted forever!) We have replaced a stove, microwave, fridge, washing machine and 2 vacumns in the last 3 months plus painting the main level of our house. I'm determined to get back in my studio SOON!...Okay...enough whining...The new year suggested a little housekeeping at our booth in Woolworth in downtown Asheville.
 Down with the fall leaves...up with the new. Many things are not new as time has not been on my side but since they've been absent from the booth for a while, hopefully they are new to those that see them.
 The booth looks good and I plan to stop by tomorrow to work on inventory...

 Kate's wall and
 Mary's wall of spring-like wall art.
 We are still hanging quilts on the railing as you come in on the main floor - a new piece by Mary
 Kate's beautiful strip pieced quilt and...
 my 2 pieces with Mary's cute face popping up in the middle....If you're in the Asheville area, please stop by Woolworth - a wonderful gallery with so many interesting and wonderful pieces of art.
In the meantime, I hope to report back soon on something I started a while back...needs very little to be finished so here's hoping "After the Rain" will be done and posted soon...Thanks for sticking with me.  and happy, happy, happy New Year!!!