Saturday, May 25, 2019

Mother's Day

Because I use this blog as my journal, from time to time I'll record things that are non sewing related. At the end of the year I have my blog printed into a book - thanks to Kay Sorensen who made me aware of the idea. I figure in my old age, I can sit back and look through my books for a trip down memory here goes.

Mothers Day was a couple of weeks ago and I'm always lucky enough to spend it with my's also her birthday weekend as she was born on Mother's Day so it's off to Atlanta. We always have a whirlwind of things to do including shopping and lunch at Cheesecake Factory - always with a glass of wine and great girl talk. The food is delicious and such large portions - good for another lunch (mine on the above left is their Chinese Chicken Salad - my favorite).  LUSH is one of the stores we visit with so many yummy smelling products for bathtime and beyond...and the color - wow!

Anthropologie is another store I like to visit just to see the small vignettes they create throughout the store - so clever.
One night we went to a beautiful restaurant in Decatur, GA - Wahoo...good food and beautiful ambiance.

The entryway was lovely...we did so many other things including the Georgia Aquarium, Happy hour,  homemade pizza night, and visiting with family...I'll need a couple of days to get my energy back. Coming home, this lovely bouquet of peonies was waiting for me on the kitchen counter. Aren't they gorgeous!....such a great weekend.....and I hope all of you made some good memories also.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

PTA and More

PTA met a little while back at Lynnes home....there was some lovely pieces shown and still worth posting. Dort is continuing her series of her trip to France with her sister. 
I love this piece as it is so textural. Dort colored the fabric with inks which worked beautifully.

Dort has done many pieces with birds as her subject matter...This is lovely.
Lynne finished her summer quilt for a queen size bed - no batting so it's light and pretty at the same time.

Lynne has beautiful property and views; we all got a tour. The brick wall houses a trellis with staggering flower pots and geraniums mixed amongst the greens.
I love woods; they are so mysterious and calming. These are the woods on Lynnes property, I would be sitting looking at these all day or walking through them.

I love this brick "planter" with all the moss; would like to get some close-ups to print on fabric.
This plant we didn't recognize so Cathy used the app - plant snap to focus on it and the app identified the plant for us...pretty cool. Below, Lynne's enviable fabric collection - the right being hand dyes that she creates...all so neatly folded!
Loved the old rocker with a quilt, the needlepoint stool and table covered with embroidered fabric. What a cool sitting area.
I was especially fascinated with the cover on this table top - very clever.
Til next time.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Fiber Junkies - Screening with Fugitive Materials

It's always fun to get together with our Fiber Junkies; this month at Gens. We always start with show and tell...not to get it out of the way but to allow ourselves a longer stretch of time to work in the studio.
We brought our finished samples from the month before where we screened with thickened dyes and used interfacing as a resist. Results were mixed....we all agreed we had some good ones and some not so good but the experimenting was great fun....above is Kates.
Kate also brought a collage she was working on and had put on the back burner. It was lovely what was done up to this point and she is back on track to finish it.
Denny had some nice results. I liked the one in the lower right. Denny is great about reading up on things, experimenting and documenting her results so she's always able to give us more information as to the whys and wherefores.
Susan was not happy with her results so she stenciled over them with Lumiere paint. This "stencil" is a grid with a sticky back that is used in laying tiles. I have the same tape in narrow strips that I found when my house was under's my favorite "stencil" cool....

Gen showed us her results along with some pages from her journal and birthday party.
Today in the studio, we were using fabric friendly and water soluble crayons
The idea was to create an image on a blank screen using one of the marking tools above. Kate is drawing a flower and filling it in with color (left). On the right, she has laid a piece of fabric under the prepared screen. She then takes a squeegee, applys some gel medium (looks clear) to the top and runs it over the entire top of the screen several times.

The color is loosened and transfers to the fabric underneath. Using a gel or acrylic medium makes it permanent. It does leave the fabric a little stiff but also a nice image. Each screen image is good for @ 3 prints
and voila!
Susan and Mary...and Mary's results below.

Well we had our laugh for the day when Susan forgot to put fabric underneath her screen and transferred the image to the towel...a might pretty towel.
I had a nice brick pattern I was working with and was able to get 3 in succession for a long strip of bricks.
A fun day!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

North Carolina Hurrican Quilt Project

I started these blocks at our annual retreat with PTA (our fiber group - Piecers, Talkers, Appliquers and then changed to Professional Textile Artists) and finally finished up. I laid a blanket on the floor in my studio and was able to see the size and placement easily.
 I was going to pin them in place for those "just in case" moments....
 I was suspicious of my cat Fraggle who adores fabric and thinks it's there just for him.
 Well I got up the next morning my "should-a, would-a, could-a" moment came true...Fraggle had a great time the night before.
 So I started from scratch to put them all together again.
 and also using a lint brush....It did come out clean as a whistle and all put back together...
and the backing and binding sent along also. I believe this project is continuing until or thru August of this year. It's so worthwhile and those receiving these beautiful quilts are so happy to get them. If you have a little spare time consider getting involved...go to  As my daughter said, perhaps now more than any other time in their life, they need something warm and fuzzy, something to remind them of people who love and care about them and are praying for them...

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

PTA at Georgias

Our last meeting of PTA was at Georgia's home which is always so warm and welcoming. Cathy modeled a vest given to her as a gift and made of very sheer fabric which draped so beautifully. We all loved it and so ......

she took if off to show us how it was made - using 2 fabrics with openings for the arms AND which could be worn with either side on the top. Where the openings were lower, it would be shorter on the bottom with more of a collar on top...reverse it for the opposite effect.
Just hanging out and catching up....
Janice showed us a beautiful quilt she just finished -  I was in love with the quilting; it was so effective.  Using a metallice thread and one of the embroidery stitches on her machine, she was able to create the beautiful effect seen above.
Dort has been working on this wonderful series based on her trip to France. Each piece is so charming...
 and really captures the feel of where she was. Lots of interesting texture using machine stitching and fabrics.
Lynne showed us her quilt started at retreat and finished...Wow...only about a month ago and think this is bedsize.  Below....Georgia prepared an absolutely delicious lunch for us which we gobbled up along with the most beautiful and delicious coconut cake for dessert.

Kate showed us a quilt she also started at retreat and finished as part of the NC Hurricane project.
She showed us another quilt she found at a relatives house which she made using old ties...and the surprise of lifting up the tie to reveal....

Mary showed us a beautiful piece using fabric she had ice dyed and embroidered with trees. It's based on a photo an old time friend had shared with her.

Barbara's retreat quilt is almost finished the checkerboard border and the touch of red in one of the clever of Barbara to think of that!
Georgia shared her trip around the world...colors and fabrics chosen at retreat but that is as far as she has gotten...some mighty ambitious gals in this group.
Barbara Webster who makes beautiful pieces out of her photographs of NC had one of her blocks at Georgias house. Her work is breathtaking.
And Rosie...what would a meeting at Georgias be without precious Rosie who loves to hang out with us and is the official guardian of fabric.