Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Fiber Junkies - Pt 2

We've done this technique many times now and think we are laying it aside for a while. It involved using a blank screen, water soluble markers and an acrylic medium.
Mary is getting her screen ready for printing...
as is Kate. We often use our hopeless pieces to make them into "a thing of beauty"...but often they don't turn into "a joy forever" (little pun there) as I can attest to at this meeting (regarding my own that is).

Susan...top left preparing her screen and Gen working intensly on hers.

We had some good results and some not so good...Mary above left and Kate on right printing their first print. Susan is drawing on a fabric that is wet with acrylic medium and using fabric crayon blocks.

Gen's Chrismas tree which turned out very nice...and mine below which I couldn't get to print at all...a complete flop...so not a great day printing but always the best day with friends.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Fiber Junkies Nov - pt. 1

Fiber Junkies met again...shortly after the last meeting...twas the only date we all had free. Our little group of 6 really keeps busy and our calendars full. First up is always show and tell before we head off to play. Gen had come across some darling dresses she smocked and sewed for her girls...just so sweet and a walk down memory lane.

Sue had lots to show...some group round robins done in one sitting.
Everyone had their own stash of fabrics and a signature piece which was passed from person to person. The clock was set for 30 minutes each round and then the piece moved on to the next person. At the end of the day, everyone went home with a pieced top. This was a really nice piece.  This challenge was done with both prints and solids. Susan also showed us a finished piece which incorporated prints of a building she photographed in Asheville (lower left). She then sent it off to Spoonflower who did a beautiful job printing it into various sizes.
I love the multi borders and the pop of red...
I also loved the outer border where Susan used a tile mesh connector as a stamp.
Mary brought pieces of silk noil she had ice dyed at our last FJ gathering. The results were spectacular...!!! The 2 pieces in the second row were dyed in the same batch...both resemble each other but so different, depends where the dye is striking. We all love this technique and easy to understand why. You get beautiful and very unpredictable results..so just a lot of fun.

Gen is more into paper but still had lots of fabric to dye in the way of old t-shirts and white pillowcases. Her old T is now a fun art shirt.

Kate showed us some beautiful covered notebooks she's been working on...all made with beautiful fabric she created...top left is marbled, right is printed with dyes, middle above is stenciled with dye and shave cream and bottom, my favorite is eco printed.
The show and tell was really full and fun this time....Stay tuned for part 2 of our meeting.

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween

It's really fun to go to the doctor when the entire office is dressed up for Halloween. The nurses were Nurse Ratchet and Nurse Hatchet....My doctor - Dr. Cumbie was a colonial soldier...
It made for such a fun day and put us all in such a happy and festive mood....
Have a spooky and fun filled Halloween seeing all the little cutie pies in their costumes. My granddaughter is beyond excited and I can't wait to get pictures...

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Fiber Junkies Oct - Ice Dyeing

  Fiber Junkies met at Kate's home for a day of ice dyeing using the microwave - very different from regular ice dyeing where the fabric is allowed to batch. Denny was able to join us; she showed us her experiments using the microwave at different amounts of time since she had a low wattage oven. None of us could see a difference including Denny but the samples were beautiful and we knew we were in for a fun day.

 All the colors were so vibrant - amazing since the fabric was left in for 4 - 5 minutes.

 We had different stations - Kate and Denny were so organized. The dye table (upper left) held the MX dyes we all brought to share and where we added dye to the fabric. The upper right is the table where we had the ice crusher. Ice was added to the top of the soda ash treated fabric which is scrunched in a bowl. The pics should be reversed since we did the ice first and then sprinkled powdered dye on top.
 Mary is sprinkling dye on her fabric, will then put in microwave and nuke it for 5 mins.
Denny who organized the workshop, is so knowledgeable and provided us with so many samples and good ideas plus all the equipment....Because of health reasons, Denny has not been able to come to Asheville where we usually meet, .....so we were all so thrilled to have her for the day, and as always appreciated all she gives to us in so many ways.

 Susan (left) and Gen (right) donning their masks before working with the dyes. Above is the first scarf I made - IN 5 MINS....can hardly believe it.
 And more examples of beautiful fabric....
 Gen who is working more with paper (and doesn't need any more fabric), decided to do some pillowcases and t-shirts which now look fabulous.

I immediately washed and ironed mine when I got home...was very happy with the results (below) and have been dyeing scarves all weekend for my booth at Woolworth in downtown Asheville.
A great day and big thanks to Kate and Denny for putting it together.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

A Magic Moment for Nana

My granddaughter and daughter recently came for a visit. My granddaughter - Audrey, who just turned 7 attended Heritage Day sponsored by the Southern
Highland Craft Guild. One of the events was a quilting demo and frame where children of all ages were invited to take some stitches...Audrey really liked it and later on asked me to teach her to sew...Well, those were precious words to me and as I went to get a needle and some thread, she said...Oh no Nana, I want to sew on your machine.

Well gulp...! I quickly moved the speed control to slow, got her some fabric to practice on and she was off and running. 
She has never been near a sewing machine but quickly learned the balance wheel, the power foot and presser foot...like a little duck to water. 
I stood behind her every second to make sure little fingers didn't get near the needle.
 She practiced a little and was soon ready to make something. She chose her fabric and made a pillow and a pocketbook

What a cool little kid....she was so proud of herself and I couldn't be prouder.....As a child I loved to sew and was thrilled every time my mother would pull out fabric from her scrap box and hand them to me. It has given me many hours of happiness and I'm hoping the same for Audrey.
After our sewing session, we went to see the horses and
laid on our neighbors hammock, looked at the treetops and made up silly stories...A most magical day. These moments are the best part of life.
My blog has been silent for a while as I've been away on a river cruise, something my hubby and I always wanted to do.  I have some great pics to share which I plan to use as inspiration for a series I'm thinking about....Til next time.