Wednesday, July 10, 2019

New Kid on the Block

My son Michael is an artist, working mostly in oils and drawings. He was in Woolworth Walk many years ago and is back!  Woolworth is an historical landmark, even has a working soda fountain inside. The rest of the space is divided into cubicles for artists who pay a monthly fee and a small percentage of sales. Woolworth is on Haywood Street (our version of Main Street) in downtown Asheville, NC. It's a wonderful place to see new and well known local artists and also have the opportunity to purchase their work.
This is my son's booth filled with beautiful paintings, drawings and cards...His booth is downstairs in the center aisle towards the back....# 219.
Hope you can stop by and see Mike's work as well as the work of other artists.
Asheville in the summer is always bustling with fun, tourists and a fun place to be and Woolworth is always at the top of the list to see.

Here'e Mike...the maker of all this beautiful work.....I wish him good luck with this new venture and hope for many lookers and sales...Good Job Mike!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

A Walk in the Garden

Every year I like to do a blog on my garden as my husband and son do a really good job with it. I have the total opposite of a green thumb and can't take any of the credit but I do enjoy it.
I draw a lot of inspiration for quilts from it as I love the flowers, the colors and especially love the trees.
We have a lot of perennials but I love the annuals as they bloom all summer. If you have to deal with the heat of summer, might as well get some beautiful color also.
Pow-Wows are in the Cone flower the hot pink color.
We have tons of lilies....

and the beginning of a forest....When we first moved here, the property was 3 acres of "nothingness" used to be part of a farm and they used this particular area for trees were non-existent...We planted trees (big twigs) and thought we will never have a forest of trees which I longed for but 10 years later, here we are.
My husband who likes to build things, built this arbor for some rose bushes to grow on.

This is nice and shaded and my granddaughter's favorite tree to climb....
My husband and son built this bee house out of bamboo...The bees seem to love it and fun to watch.

Birdbaths, birdhouses and
and this....ground cover which I have no idea what it is but the leaves all look like they were cut with pinking shears. Needless to say, it's one of my favorite things we have.
Our little woodland garden is my favorite as I love the variety of ferns...below is our vegetable garden ...and it's doing well this year...not always the case but we've had lots of rain. We had a bumper crop of spinach which was wonderful and now the zucchini and you know how that goes...can't give it away...So there you have it, I've taken lots of photos for color and texture and inspiration for quilts...Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Saturday, June 22, 2019

And onto Folkwear

Then it was on to a new shop in town....Meet Molly Hamilton, owner of this wonderful, new shop called Folkwear. Do you remember the line of Folkwear patterns ...out many years ago. They were wonderful, authentic, unique and just fun to own. I  had many of them, some I made into clothing and some I just liked to look at .....over and over because they were beautiful designs. Molly has a wall full and just looking at them brought back memories.

Meet Molly......
There is eye candy for the fabric lover everywhere you look, bins of fabric, lots of patterns and even a small blackboard announcing the latest events.
The mini library has wonderful books and magazines dealing with all areas of clothing and grab a book

and have a seat in this very comfortable chair...also surrounded by samples of vintage designs.

There are areas for cutting and sewing where you can see how they work; Molly and her partner make many of the wonderful samples you are about to see.
And this room...what can I say about this room...."died and gone to fiberart heaven"...? Every pattern in the store has at least one sample in fabric and often in authentic fabric suitable to the time period of the pattern. AND.....many you can try on to see how they work on you. There is also an amazing section of old, authentic pieces just for looking as they are delicate and the fibers old but so beautiful just to be able to see them up close.

So here Cathy found a wrap she loved after trying it on and here is the pattern - how much fun is that. I have to say, several of us tried it on and purchased the pattern.
And here is our Dort who looks adorable in the 1940s dress....She had to have the pattern also.
I hope you get the chance to stop on by to see this wonderful new shop on Charlotte Highway in Fairview (in the same strip mall as Americare pharmacy and Local Joint restaurant)I am linked to Whoop Whoop Friday and Off the Wall Friday.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Folkwear and PTA

PTA (Piecers, Talkers, Applique-ers AKA Professional Textile Artists) met at Barbara's home and always a fun time. We had a busy agenda that day...talking, sharing work, eating, a walk through Barbara's beautiful garden and a trip to a new store featuring the Folkwear patterns from years ago.
First up, show and tell - Georgia got us started showing us flower bands for all of her students.
Mary showed us a new piece she was just finishing up. The background was so interesting made up of deconstructed fabric we had created at one of many Fiber Junkie meetings. This is our favorite technique in this group so we have made it a lot, but as nice as the fabric is, also difficult to intergrate into something.
Mary has done a good job with that. I also like the imagery she has chose to put on top...simple but bold enough to be front and center on such a busy background.
Dort (below) showed us her latest in a series based on a trip to France with her sister. What I particularly love and tried to highlight is the decorative stitching around the edge between piecing...thought that was so clever and interesting without taking away from the focal point.

Marene showed us her quilt from John Campbell Folk Art School where she assisted Georgia in the classroom. This was the class project and Marene wanted to try it herself...wonderful colors.
We took a short break to eat and indulge in this wonderful dessert that Barbara made...chocolate cake with homemade chocolate buttercream icing...look good???....tastes even better...maybe even divine!

Next part of our day was a trip to the new shop - Folkwear....
See the next post for lots of fun pictures and information on this wonderful new edition to Fairview.

I am linked to Off the Wall and Whoop Whoop Friday