Friday, July 21, 2017

Fiber Junkies Pt 2

Onto the days activities which were great fun and also with the cooperation of Mother Nature. 
Denny was working on her usual and incredibly interesting image layering.
She was using inko dyes which react and deepen in color in the sun.
Here is a piece she is adding more color to in the spokes of the wheel; they will turn deep yellow in a few minutes.
Val had a lot of Eucalyptus waiting for us to use in our eco printing....along with
leaves we brought ourselves. This is the start of my layered piece. I use handmade paper, leaves, paper etc ending with paper on top and bottom.
I think I had around 12 - 14 layers (1 layer being paper with a leaf on top)...don't know if there is a maximum...just need to be able to clamp it.
And here is my leaf and paper sandwich clamped between 2 very thin pieces of wood.
Mary decided to try and roll them to see what would happen. All bundles were then put into our pot of boiling water with vinegar. To read further about this technique, click here which will bring you to a recent post.
Gen was working on tags which is just the start of something beautiful...She will add a lot more.
I was working on deconstructive screen printing in hopes of having some long awaited success...time will tell.
A sunny day allowed the screens to dry quickly.
Kate was working on some spontaneous dye painting. The colors she used are not "her" and to her surprise, she was very happy with what was happening.
Val was doing some dye painting which we all know will turn out fantastic because we know our Val...and her magical hands!....Stay tuned for the results...soon to come.
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fiber Junkies July 2017

Once again our group met for a fabulous day. We almost felt like we were back in kindergarten with the many "centers" (remember those?)...of things to do. We all brought something to work on but besides that we had eco printing, Indigo dyeing and print paste to dye paint or deconstruct...But before any of that was to happen...we had our Show and Tell. We do it first thing during our morning treat - what a great way to start the day!
This is a piece from Mary...I especially like the way she incorporated the Shibori fabric into the background. This technique produces such "highly patterned" fabric and often hard to use but Mary did a beautiful job with it.
Another piece from Mary who used an antique linen placemat which was rusted or eco dyed as a background. A minimal amount of embroidery was added on the surface. Red buds add a lovely pop of color.
Val showed us some deconstructive fabric she silk screened on top of. She used a very unexpected color which was fabulous!
And another piece from Val...
This looks like our favorite stencil from last time used to mask off an area before monoprinting.
This is one of Kates beautiful large quilts which is now hanging in Woolworth Walk in downtown Asheville. Pictures do not do it justice....a must see in person.
Gen has been making beautiful cards using alcohol inks...
She then goes back and adds fine detail using a Faber Castell Pitt Pen which comes in different size nibs and colors.
I love the way Gen starts with "blobs of ink" that have a mind of their own and turns them into something so interesting.
Denny who loves to do handwork has solved the problem we all get bending our neck at such a difficult angle. The "Lap App" is a padded board...
that raises up and tilts....
so one can do handwork at a comfortable angle. It even has a place for threads...How cool is that.
Denny has been taking an online class and one of the things they use is houses she made a bag that is the right size for her lap app
And this cute and very functional fold up to carry sewing/quilting supplies...more to come

Thursday, July 13, 2017

PTA - Biltmore Textile Industries

July PTA met today with Connie Brown as our host this month. She loves to plan field trips for us and this one was in a word - wonderful. We started with a Show and Tell which was small but always inspiring. Dort is getting ready for the 12th annual Artists' Studios Tour in Leicester, NC - August 19 - 20. Click here for more information.   
 The 2 pieces she shared have incredible detail as is typical  with Dort's work.
 Dort will also attach little found objects to her pieces giving them such "nose appeal".This one has a little teddybear, frying pan, baby doll and buttons...darling up close.
 And I love this piece with the beautiful use of red roping thread used around the edge and in the fence...To see more, and if you're in the area...stop in for the Artist's Studio Tour...
 Georgia showed us a piece almost finished...made for the Flatrock park (converted from a golf course) and still in the need of more walking trails...Georgia who is so generous with her time and talent has made this piece as part of the fundraiser for the park.
Those of you familiar with Charlie Harper's work will see a similar flavor in this wonderful piece.
 Next it was on to lunch at the Golden Fleece next to the Grovewood Gallery. It is a darling, quaint little place with excellent food. It used to be Grovewood Cafe but has since changed hands so I didn't know what to expect....I wasn't disappointed. I wish I had taken a picture of my food....a lamb burger with a greek yogurt sauce....Ooohhh...divine!
  After lunch we wandered over to the museum for a short film and extensive tour of the Biltmore Textile Industry. Along the way, we happened on some great garden art...
 some very fierce animals....
 some beautiful wind chimes...
 and a dog that had absolutely nothing to say !!!
 And into the museum which was housed in the basement so on this very hot day...this building (not air conditioned) was remarkably cool. So welcome to the North Carolina Homespun Museum that houses all the equipment used in the making of cloth in the late 19th early 20th century. The cloth was a Merino wool, fleece obtained from Australia but processed and woven into cloth right here near the Biltmore Estate. Young girls were taught the trade of making this beautiful homespun fabric.
 The first room was their version of a dye studio...where the rovings for the wool threads were dyed...
 I asked Cathy to get inside the vat to give it scale but had to settle for her standing next to it...
 These were the washing machines used to wash the rovings.
 Next they were put in a giant machine to fluff them and then "spit" out the other end into the "fluff" room. Up to this point, on the last day...every piece of equipment was left as it was when everyone left for the last time.
  These racks held all the spools to use in the weaving of cloth.
  and made for a beautiful picture.
  A finished piece of cloth...felt like linen to me.
 This was the carding machine...a huge operation. I've seen carding done by hand but this was intended for massive amounts. A carding machine will break up clumps of disorganized fibers and align them parallel to each preparing them for spinning into yarn or thread.
 This is one of the very large looms used.
 This machine was for winding the large spools of thread onto bobbins (the red on the right) to use on the looms.
and more finished fabric....I was a picture taking maniac so I'm thinking I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have to all that was said...I've been on this tour before so I was winging it more this time...but I will say, it was fabulous and educational. If you visit or live in the Asheville area...put this on your list of things to see and be sure to eat at the Golden Fleece right next door. You will love me for it! More to come...some great pics of today to use as inspiration for a future quilt. I am linked to Off the Wall Friday and Whoop Whoop Friday.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

"Hexagons in Retreat"

Every year my PTA group - Professional Textile Artsist formally known as Piecers, Talkers, Appliquers attend a retreat for 3 days....It is the most wonderful time for talking, eating, drinking champagne and Yes...most certainly - sewing! With all we have on the agenda, it wouldn't seem likely that we could get much sewing done...but we do. This year, I tried something a bit more ambitious.
Working with Accu Quilt and a hexagon die cut, I was able to make many hexagons the perfect size. Since I'm not a good piecer, using a cutting machine assured me greater accuracy.
I made a little dent in my project at retreat and finally finished it up at home...I really liked using this color palette and found working with all the different fabrics the most fun...very different from the way I usually work.
I pieced together several fabrics for a backing...
Some of the fabrics were quite pale and I thought they might need some interest which I created through printing. I used the same color paint as the medium value fabric and a silkscreen with words to create more visual texture. I also wanted to highlight some groupings of hexagons so I did some color switching to make them more obvious.
I had a mix of fabrics including some silk noil which provides such a fun nubby texture. I used the silkscreens of my grandmother's recipe book written in her hand making it more personal.

I also highlighted some of the hexagons by stitching 1/4" in from the seam using a glitzy thread - featured here - Sliver by Sulky.
And it's done - I'm still working on a name. My daughter says it reminds her of some underwater theme...actually with the browns and blues, she suggested some kind of old ship wreck...interesting thought.....for now Hexagons in Retreat will have to do. I am linked to Off the Wall Friday and Whoop Whoop Friday.