Monday, October 7, 2019

Woolworth in the Fall

 "Leaf Peepin" season is starting although it's been too warm for any color change...our peak here used to be @ the third weekend in it's in Nov. Mary and I are gearing up and doing some "fall" cleaning on our booth. We've added some fall items which adds a lot of color and gets you in the spirit. I sell lots of cards which are fun to make and people always seem to need cards.
Time for some new ones...In looking through my stash, I came across a large pieced background I had decided not to use....I cut them a little bigger than needed and added some machine buttonhold stitching along some of the edges. I love doing the buttonhole stitch with rayon or decorative thread.
I than found leaves I had transferred through a method I developed years ago using real leaves and image transfer paper.They are identical to the real thing except they don't die.
Using an invisible thread, I stitched down the middle of each leaf, leaving the sides free for more dimension. I machine stitched the fabric/leaf to a card blank and voila! I hope they do well as they are definitely seasonal.
Years ago I made ties for the Southern Highland Craft Guild Fair. You can buy the silk blanks through Dharma. I had a number of ties already dyed but not embellished. Sooooooo I was happy to move them out of my studio after finishing them with a leaf (image transfer process) and a tiny bit of gold stitching you can barely see at the top of the leaf. The stitching only goes around 1/3 of the way down...but adds a little more visual texture.

The booth looks nice and updated .....
I added more new scarves created on our recent retreat.
If you're in the Asheville, NC area, come and visit us at Woolworth on Haywood Street which is right in the heart of town. We are downstairs in booth # 235...Hope to see you there.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

All You Can Eat Buffet

They're Baaaccckkk.....yes our lovely deer who come and visit us at night have become more brazen and show up during the day....
in our garden....
to stop and stare at us....
and go back to eating our endless supply of pretty flowers....sigh....They are pretty though (the deer and the flowers).

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Asheville Quilt Guild Show 2019 Pt. 2

To continue the coverage of the wonderful Asheville Quilt Guild show held this past weekend, this is only a brief sampling of so many beautiful quilts.
Come Alive by Sandy Wold was a beautifully pieced quilt in soft colors.
My Cold Plate by Penny Streeter was a masterpiece in workmanship. Ladies standing next to me were saying it reminded them of Frozen - the very popular Disney movie. My little granddaughter who had everything Frozen in her room, would agree I think and that was my immediate reaction also.

Kissing Stars by Andrea Walker (top left) and Pasta Pizzaz by Alice Russell were beautiful examples of piecing and machine quilting - both were wonderful. Feathered Star by Jackie Hurwitz - is there nothing prettier than a beautifully made feathered star. I've always been a fan of this pattern but have never tried many points and this one was perfect.
Zoomville by Greenville Modern Quilt Guild was simplistic and very lovely. I'm not much of a minimalist but am liking it more and more for its calming qualities.

Above left, Connie Brown made Taffy with a detail on the right. I love the big hand stitching and am doing that more and more on my quilts...looks great. Directly above in center is Thousand year Journey Ocean Circulation by Sylvia Schaefer. It was an interesting pattern to see interpreted into fabric.
Jeremy's Dream Aquarium by Nancy Oldham was very large and dramatic...lots of detail to see up close and personal.
Folk Art Fun in Baltimore  by Tami Graeber was one of my favorites...very well done and great use of border fabric...also loved the rick rack - I'm a lover of rick rack from childhood days. The fascinating thing about this quilt is that none of this is is all painted. I first noticed it when I saw the black outline around each motif and, this is not thread....and then to realize that the rest was also painted....really well done.
Haunted Christmas by Cyndi Herrmann - just adorable and I'm betting a really fun quilt to make.
Ladies of the Sea by Mary Ellen Simmons was a magnificent piece of workmanship and design..

One of the highlights of the show was our own Georgia Bonesteel who gave several lectures and demos at the show. Her new book Scrap Happy Quilts has recently been published and is a beauty. Not only does it contain many beautiful pictures and directions for some of her quilts but stories from her "growing-up" years...simple stories that just grabbed my heart...maybe because they were so typical of childhood and our own humble beginnings...She told the stories behind her first 3 spankings...back in the day when a simple and mild pat on the bottom taught a lesson. It made me want to go home and start writing down so many of my own stories. I can't remember what I had for breakfast but I can remember so much from the past. Anyway, it was a wonderful lecture and thank you Georgia for continuing to inspire us in all the best ways.
I have some very talented girlfriends who not only make quilts but beautiful clothes.  Marene Parsons (below) has made this beautiful wrap using a Folkwear pattern and than used such an interesting pin as a closure. I have the same pattern and now can't wait to use it.
Mary Stori on bottom, made the beautiful vest she is wearing...on closer inspection I noticed the wonderful beading along the subtle and adding so much...AND she also made the necklace which goes so well with the vest...
It was a great day and show...

Monday, September 30, 2019

Asheville Quilt Guild Show - Sept 2019

Our annual Asheville Quilt Show was held this weekend at the Ag Center in Asheville, NC. For 3 days, people were able to view and oooh and ahhhhhhh over such wonderful pieces of art. I say in a very unbiased way, this show does get better each year.
The beautiful and meticulously done Best in Show winner was great to see in person. In my excitement and also couldn't get close to her, I neglected to get her name but am working on that. To win such an honor...should have her name here....
Linda Roy never lets us down; her quilts are amazing in design, color and technical ability. I'm also so impressed with her attention to detail...lots of nose appeal.

Celebrate the Harvest by Donna Davis on left and Autumn Blaze by Karen Gilbert on right...both beauties.

Now this might be the quilt I would like to take home with me....It's absolutely beautiful and striking, technically great - Blue Rose by Sherry Durbin.
This one is near and dear to my heart being a North Carolinean...we have our share of bears - all over the place. We always have our cameras out and this quilt is not too far from the truth.

Well...I haven't seen a quilt by the great Linda Fiedler in a while and this one (top) worth waiting for. It's a stray from her usual style and quilte the colors and design and of course the workmanship is to die for as with all of Linda's quilts.
Top left is Circ Touche by Jackie Perry and right is Paths.....Not Walls by Jane Cole - both beautiful pieces. Kathie Briggs right below has a wonderful piece called A Year in the Forest. Kathie is known for her very intricate and pieced backgrounds and the use of nature themes...I love this piece and apparently someone else did also as it sold at the beginning of the show + it won a ribbon. Way to go Kathie!

Susan Lee did this lovely geometric with great color...above this piece and to the left is Lone Cypress by Kerry Steck. While teaching in California, I remember a student taking me on a drive past this beautiful tree with the crashing ocean. On the right isTrail Through the Woods by Judith Kaplan...kinda looks like our parkway in the fall.

Lake Sunset by Elizabeth Harris on the left - beautiful in person and Poppies by Barbara Swinea on the right - also a great piece. I love the pieced background on Barbaras it a lot of charm and visual texture.
Loose Connections by Wendy Bowen uses very subdued colors but they work very well together.
Diana Ramsay created this large and very geometric, interesting piece. Diana has developed a style of quilting which is amazing...each one is better than the one before.
Stay tuned for part 2 of the quilt show...