Saturday, June 5, 2021

I Got It!!

It's heat press that is. This is my birthday present which didn't come back in December - no leaves for experimenting. I am signed up for Jane Dunnewold's online Botanical Printing with a Heat Press class and I couldn't be more excited.
Jane is a marvelous teacher; I took her Complex Cloth week long workshop probably 20 years ago. It opened up a whole new way of working for me. 
A cart is coming soon and I'll be able to roll this out to the deck which is right off my studio. In the meantime, I have to get the press ready. The first step is to protect the plates with a Teflon cover.
I ordered the sheets of Teflon, cut them to size which was 15"square plus a seam allowance. Sewing very stretchy fabric in triangular shapes for the corners was the next step.  T-shirt fabric was a suggestion but it didn't seem heavy enough so I thought bathing suit fabric - very stretchy and heavier. 
I found what I was looking for at our local chain sewing store...pricey but I only needed a quarter of a yard and still far less expensive than purchasing made ones.
So here you go....
fabric sewn on corners top and bottom....
which slip over nicely on the top plate and I'm ready! The first session is Monday and I can't wait.
Even though I've been Eco printing for several years, I've never used a press so this is a totally new experience for me...will keep you posted.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

PTA May 2021 - The Good Ole Days!

Out PTA group came together last week after a very long time apart. Yes, we had met outside a few times with blankets and an open fire pit. There were a couple of times recently where we met but not with a full group and all were masked up. Today seemed like the good ole days, not having to wear a mask (all vaccinated), sharing a bottle of wine and snacks and sitting less than 6 feet apart. In other words, it felt great and I will never take these gatherings for granted...ever!
We met at Georgia's on her beautiful deck with vintage tablecloths, punch, wine and water 

and Peonies from her garden.
Georgia's cleverness shines everywhere...her "patchwork" birdhouse was adorable!
Barbara and Linda....
Lynne, Georgia, Cathy and Mary (sideview)
Gen, Dort and Janice....well...Hail, Hail, the Gangs all Here!
First order of business - show and tell...Gens daughter thought her bedroom needed a Gen picked out a luscious paint color (you can see just the tip on the roll of paper) and Barbara is holding up the quilt made by Gen (sitting right in back) and matches perfectly. It will be beautiful!
Mary showing her extra long lap quilt for her tall the black and white.
And more Mary with some of the pieces she made for her series using silhouettes...In case you're wondering...all the white dots....
are beads. Mary is the Queen of Beading and a lot of what she taught when she was teaching on the national circuit.
Lynne's beautiful quilt made with her hand dyed fabrics (which she creates).
And Dort's new wonderful and very funny series on dogs that mis-behave. This little pup is going after a ladies bag...
This little guy is "eyeing" that homemade pie...not quite within his reach but he'll figure something out.
I'm wondering what this little guy is thinking...hmmm...
And this is my favorite...Dort was given an unfinished sampler from a relative and asked if she wanted to finish and use it...Well, use it she did. It became this doggies favorite new binky...I mean, how clever is this!

And this little guy tugging at the robe. Dort has an incredible imagination and love for detail. It's always such fun to see her work.
It was a wonderful of the best and I look forward to many more.
Hope your day is great too!

Sunday, May 16, 2021

A Walk Through Cabbage Town

When I visit my daughter in Atlanta, it's always so much fun to walk through Cabbage Town...a small little suburb in Atlanta with old and new homes, lots of funky art, old fashion sidewalks with tree roots and just lots of fun things to see. We were there last weekend for our reunion after Covid and it was an amazing weekend right down to perfect weather and an excuse for a walk.
I love to take photos and blend them in a photo editing program. Blending involves layering 2 photos and using various filters to get different effects. I like using "arches" and this one is perfect. I'm anxious to try it.
For as long as I've taken these walks, there have always been doll heads on these fence spikes...I love all kinds of funky stuff but this has always been creepy to me...still needed a picture though.
More interesting art from this house.
Love trees, looking up...
and moss!
Behind this "sweet" dog? a most interesting tree...doggie was very interested in barking at me and not letting me get a picture...I had to trick him by running up and down the sidewalk and catch him off guard
which I did..HA!! The tree has a mouth at the bottom and some kind of ceramic eyes but it does make you stop and look....and doggie likes the challenge!
Oh well....would you look at this...
and a bathtub with some bones...looks like the start of a horror movie...but also clever.
and a beautiful fence with flowers.
And this same house has a darling front porch....I'm sure many passing by have lots of fun things to say if one happens to be sitting there.
and the mailbox...
and a gargoyle to protect their house!
And I do love old weathered iron fences...charming!
and another leg....who knew?
and some hidden statues in beautiful foliage.

And this is the back of their house...I've talked to the people and they have a bird sanctuary here...This is a beautiful, peaceful place...I could sit out here for hours, reading, drinking wine or tea and listen to the birds....and now for me the best part....
There is a small building with these doors....I collect pictures of doors and like to use them in my work...I especially love the old, worn ones so this is a fantastic find.

I also love pictures of texture and walking along I found some great examples like the one above and the one below. They can be layered into something really interesting.

But this was my favorite that I found along the way.
Another beautiful garden 
and my favorite saying from the late, great John Lewis.
And to end it off, tree roots on sidewalks....watching my feet with every step.......not great for strollers and bikes but interesting to see.
Til next time...