Thursday, April 21, 2022

Recyling, UH-OH.... AND when in doubt, use 3

While rummaging through old projects, leftover blocks etc. I came across these blocks used in an applique workshop I used to teach. I had made a quilt to use as a sample which eventually sold and I thought, why not use these blocks to make another. I don't like making the same thing twice but this was just too convenient and ready to use. I needed another large quilt for my booth at Woolworth Walk, so this would be perfect.
The blocks were all created out of my own hand dyed fabric . The leaves were fused down using a fusible web and machine appliqued in place using the blanket stitch (my favorite).
To get a smooth applique and avoid tunneling, a stablizer should be ironed on the back. I use Sulky's Totally Stable iron on and temporary. It's wonderful and does the trick. 
I will gently remove the remainer of the paper before quilting. Removal is easy to do using something that can poke underneath like a pin or point of a seam ripper.
Well, they certainly did look nice until I came upon the UH-OH moment when I discovered the rip...almost looked like a one of the blocks. The blocks were already sewn together and I had no more fabric....What to do.
Well one thought,.......cover it up as I've done on several occasions before. I pulled out my Perfect Circles from Karen Kay Buckley and found the perfect size. I traced around the clear plastic circle template on green fabric fused with a fusible web...
cut it out, stood back for a look-see and yes, this would work. But it might look odd to have one odd little circle in the middle of a quilt...People might get suspicious...People might be doing the same thing with their mishaps...People might.........People might.......(holding breath) I took the advice of the late and very great Roberta Horton who always said, when you make a mistake, repeat it 2 more times. That way it will look advice I've ever gotten. So you know the rest.
And no...I didn't cover the quilt with circles but I did use enough to make it look intentional...all I can say is Whew! and Thank You Roberta!
Next step is to quilt this and get it to Woolworth...Have a great dayt!