Friday, December 24, 2021

NY at Christmas

I am so far behind in posting...have had company for the last week and it's been a whirlwind of activity. My daughter and I did get up to NY City for the Christmas markets, something we started several years back and loved it so much, it's become a tradition.
We did miss the recent lockdown by 2 weeks; we feel fortunate to have had the full experience but also sad and frustrated that this is still going on.
We always stay in the same hotel as it has a wonderful location and far enough away from Times Square to give you some peace and quiet. It's also right around the corner from Rockefeller Plaza. 
We did get in the same evening as the lighting of the tree so it was a bit insane. There were millions of people and you could not get near the tree as the blocks were all roped off but plenty of other beautiful things to see in the city...the tree could wait.
This was near our hotel...
And this came to be our favorite deli that we had breakfast at every morning.
More beautiful decorations....
The first market we hit was in Central Park West near Columbus Circle...It had not opened yet so a great time to get pictures.
Walking along Central Park to get there was beautiful. It was cold but not unbearable. Wearing a mask was mandatory but also felt great as it shielded the cold from our faces.
One of booths sold beautiful wood pieces made from Olive wood.
and more Central Park....
I was surprised to see some trees that still had color in December.
Bergdorf Goodman's featured an exhibit on Gee's Bend quilts (a few months back) and clothing made using that style. The exhibit was down but they did have a few articles of clothing left and interesting to see. To purchase them, I would have needed a second mortgage on my $3,200 for a jacket...Crazy but lots of fun to see.
We went to lunch at our favorite place - Rue 57 and was glad to see that the first lockdown in NY did not affect it...just as wonderful as ever.
Walking along 5th Avenue at night is magical....all the buildings are decorated.
My favorite is Saks 5th Avenue which is right across from the tree and has a light show every hour for @ 5 minutes. The building is covered with lights which change patterns etc along with music. It's magical and amazing.
The tree...night 2 just as beautiful as the first night when we couldn't get near it...probably just as many people though.
Bryant Park which is in back of the NY public library is the place for another and very large Christmas Market...We visited it at night but also during the day.
Radio City Music Hall which had not closed as yet was such a treat. The first full night we were there, we went to see the Rockettes. I hadn't seen them for years and it was quite an amazing show.
This beautiful restaurant which was right across from our hotel is on our list to visit next time around. We didn't have reservations which on a Saturday night in December is understandable...
We came upon this near Central cute.
We also came upon this beautiful cathedral that was open and we had all to ourselves. We spent some time there which was so peaceful and an escape from the busy city.
On to the markets...
some beautiful views of the city

Jill and  I all bundled up...
And a selfie in front of Rockefeller Plaza...Merry Christmas to each and all and as Tiny Tim would say....God Bless Us Everyone!