Sunday, August 15, 2021

PTA....A Fun Day

PTA met at my home last Thursday for a day of fun and inspiration. We were a small group what with all that's going on in the world plus summer family reunions and visits...but with this group, it only takes two to have fun...actually only one and we were six!
A short visit with coffee and goodies...
A hi from Barbara....
and Mary...and it was down to business.
Georgia, along with her buddy Charlotte Warr Anderson run a retreat every year in Montana, each doing their own project and every class member getting to take BOTH workshops. How cool is that?. This year they decided to combine their talents and do one quilt which they designed together. It's amazing but unfortunately I'm not at liberty to share it until they bring it to their workshop for the big reveal...but I can tell you, it's wonderful and I'll be sharing it in the future..a small hint...based on a lot of facts from the above book.
We got to see everyone's Show and Tell, but this is the only one not involved in a show which we could see and post. Linda has a wonderful sense of composition and made a set of 3 of these for over her guest room bed. We did get to see pictures of the room with the art so well together.
This is another small piece she is working on...and no it's not a panel quilt; each block designed by Linda...the story of mama and papa bird building a nest, having youngins, caring for them until they fly away and are gone by winter. Not only does it tell a story but depicts the seasons  also.
and fall...forgot winter is so pretty with the ice covered branches.

Barbara, Georgia and myself are all
involved in a "Black and White" exhibit for members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. It opens later this month and runs until Jan 2022. We all had our pieces to share but can't publish them until the show's opening. They're all so different and creative..more on that show as time grows closer. piece is based on a ruin (above) from the Ring of Kerry in of our favorite trips.
As Mary was sitting there, she snapped a picture of the view from our deck. I hope I never take this for granted.

Til next time...