Sunday, November 28, 2021

New Quilt, No Name

I started this quilt years ago at one of our retreats, got home, folded it up and put it in my drawer of unfinished projects. I always liked it but was tired of working on it and anxious to start on something new. That's probably how many UFOs get started.
This year for retreat....I decided to go back into the "dreaded drawer" and pull out some sweet, lonely pieces just anxious to be part of this world...this one took my eye....and the rest is history as the saying goes....... I can't say I finished it at retreat but made a real dent and was determined to NOT put it back in the dreaded drawer!
I had already started the quilting when I put it back the first time. I love doing feathers (here, feathered hearts) but realized how time consuming they are. I had quilted them down the middle blocks, hoping to fill in the sides with more. Plan B and common sense took over. Since I really wanted to get this done, I thought there's no reason why a more simple design couldn't be used.
so I some input from friends and did come up with this.
I filled the side blocks with a meandering type stitch done in gold metallic which picked up the gold in some of the prints. It turned out pretty and is hanging in the hall. I decided to make it my Christmas quilt...I know........not very holiday-ish but it is green and cranberry so close enough I figure. And because it isn't truly a Christmas quilt, it will stay up a lot longer than the holiday season....and so name...sigh..