Saturday, February 24, 2018

Getting Ready

 Our annual retreat is right around the corner...can't believe a year has gone by. This will be our 10th annual time and it just gets better and better. I have made way too big a deal over what to bring to work on...going from one thing to another....bottom should be simple, no brainer so I can sew and listen to all the fun stuff going on.
 Another priority is to try and use up fabric from my stash...well, it's never gonna happen...sure you can understand but I like to think I'm making a tiny dent. I had some fabrics that all worked together and chose this pattern I found on Pinterest.
Everything is cut and pinned and just ready for sewing...looks a little complicated but the fact that I'll be in a room full of amazing piecers...know it will be fine.
I still have 2 quilts almost done and probably should finish up with them but this held more appeal...will keep you posted.

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Years ago I started making blog books - it's a printing of your blog in book form for whatever length of time you want...I do it yearly. I first heard about it while reading Kay Sorensen's blog. She does a blog book every year - it's her journal. I've never been one to keep a journal although I love the idea. Much as I've tried, I just forget or am not motivated enough, I'm convincd you have to have the "genes" to do it. I had an artist friend years ago - Sybil Rampen, who lived in Toronto; I taught with her so many times, she loved life and she loved journaling her life adventures. She had an entire bookcase full of journals - all hand written with watercolors of places and things that were part of her daily life. So long story short, her and Kay inspired me to do a blog book as it is my journal; it's wonderful to look back on memories I've created over the years.
 You can go back through your blog postings and do a book at anytime for any time period. I'm up to year 2015, I wait for the sales. I use the cover to highlight a quilt made during that year or an extra special event. In 2010, it was my daughter's wedding; she and her hubby - Adam were on the cover. The cover color was a deeper blue - the same color as her bridesmaids dresses with bubbles (which they had instead of rice). In 2012 the cover featured my new little granddaughter.
The back coverss often feature my little granddaughter Audrey. Since I mostly blog about fiber art and my fiber groups and girlfriends, the books are filled with those events but I do manage to sneak in family and of course my cats...This is my life afterall....and I love looking back on so many wonderful memories.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Inspirations for a New Quilt

A while back, I was visiting John C. Campbell Folk Art School in North Carolina. It is a beautiful place and provides endless opportunities of inspiration for art.  I do a lot of picture taking so while walking around the campus, I came upon many wonderful and interesting things to photograph. 
This old water wheel, still in place was corroded and scarred from the passage of time. The stone wall behind it was stained and boasted of many hours of being subjected to rushing waters.
It was old, it was worn and it was beautiful in its own right.
The moss and crumbling rocks just added to the charm.
I was feeling a very strong connection to this water wheel and the beautiful plant life, weeds and moss.
I also found some amazing doors which I love to photograph, especially the very old and worn ones.
Now here's a door for you....brightly painted with beautiful latching.
However,  this is more to my liking - the old painted peeling door...
and this which is not really a door but some wonderful weathered wood.
So I had to decide and the water wheel won out.  I put the photograph into Photoshop elements and turned it into a black and white and then did "find edges" in filters...
and this one which is "photocopy" in filters. I've always liked the "find edges" as I think it gives you more of a feel of values and distinct lines...but both will be used in the design process. Stay tuned for the step by steps on how this photo became a quilt.