Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Asheville Quilt Guild May 2019

Our meeting of the Asheville Quilt Guild met last week where we hosted national quilting personality Susan Cleveland. Susan presented a fabulous lecture followed by a workshop the following day before heading over to our next door neighbor - the Western N. Carolina Quilt Guild in Hendersonville.
Our heads were spinning as Susan presented her many quilts. Using a camera on a stand, she was able to show us closeups of her techniques displayed on a very large screen. She shared so many wonderful details with us that I want to share with you. The "red arrow" and "circles" will lead you to what I'm referring to. Her daisy on top has detail lines using 12 weight cotton double gassed thread. The red circle above is showcased little "lazy daisy" embroidery stitches.
Susan makes it very clear that she doesn't like or feels comfortable doing free motion quilting. She prefers to stitch by hand (below) or use a large machine stitch and a heavier thread to machine quilt.
She is known for her very tiny piping and has a tool to make it happen (I bought it at the meeting and can't wait to use it). The red arrow points to the yellow and red piping.
 I think what I loved the most is her attention to in above with the small blue felt circle also embroidered. The quilt below on the right has piping with embroidery on clever.

The flowers below have a piece of cheese cloth as an insert with tiny little sequins sewn here and there (red circle) and rick rack!!!....Do you love it! I have always been a lover of rick rack...have used it for almost as long as I've been on this earth...first on my own doll clothes, then my clothes, then my daughter's clothes and now quilts. It's so retro and wonderful and great to see on this quilt. Also take notice of the red arrow to see what Susan calls her Morse Code stitching....with the dots (french knots) and it. Also notice the beautiful buttonhole stitching around the edges of the petals done in a contrasting color and heavier thread.
Some beautiful details all together.
I loved this small piece, the Prairie Points and little felt balls hanging on the point along with the beautiful little squares pieced into the strip...yes, they are sewn in.

Her Prairie Points are not just your run of the mill, ordinary Prairie Points....they have been embroidered first before folding them into the shape.

I love the machine quilting (above left) and the little beads (red circle) sewn here and there. On the right, love everything but the unusual shape of the outer edge is wonderful.
 And in this piece, the extra little xxxxs in the yellow area...such a nice touch.

Susan shared her latest love with us, the Dresdan Plate done in such a unique manner....hmmmmm....wonder if we can look forward to a book on this wonderful technique.?
And last but not even close to the least, her use of on the binding. Her threads - Spagetti is a 12 weight, 100% cotton Egyptian cotton doubled gassed which apparently gives the thread a very clean finish...of course I had to buy some. The Piping Hot Binding tool makes that very teeny, tiny binding you saw throughout her pieces....anxious to try it.

So Susan had a free afternoon and Barbara and I had the fun of giving her a small tour of Asheville - below the Grove Arcade....and then onto...

the Battery Park Champagne Bar for some sipping and sharing...a Great day, great fun with a great and very talented gal....See more of Susan's work on her website
On another note, my friend Marene and I ...after seeing the lecture decided to challenge each other to make a small piece using Prairie Points and Susan's binding be revealed at our next PTA stay tuned for some progress on my piece...but no reveals just in case Marene is reading this....( - :

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Happy Memorial Day

 Happy Memorial Day. It always gives me a thrill to fly our flag on this day and reflect on past Memorial days.
 Growing up as a child in Farmingdale, New York, there was always a parade down Main Street. Every town on Long Island had a Main Street, USA. Our Brownie troop all waited anxiously to see who would get to carry the flag and be in the color guard. My mom was the leader so sometimes it was me and sometimes not....only fair. I'm noticing so many of us in sweaters and jackets on Memorial Day...not so now with 80 degrees predicted.
 My mom is on the far right, we're lined up and waiting to march....and here we go down Main Street passing by McLellans 5 and 10 cent store....remember those. I worked there in high school for several years.

 We are in front of Main Street elementary school waiting for our go ahead...such memories..
 Fast forward @ 30 years and here is my Brownie troop - me on right and co-leader Penny Swant on the left. Fun to see how the uniforms have changed AND scouting to a point but it's still a wonderful organization for young people to be a part of.

And my dad with his navy buddies (1st row left) and all the wonderful, courageous men and women who serve in the armed forces to keep our country safe every day....a huge and very heartfelt thanks to them.
Happy Memorial Day to all...hope it's a safe and wonderful one..

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Mother's Day

Because I use this blog as my journal, from time to time I'll record things that are non sewing related. At the end of the year I have my blog printed into a book - thanks to Kay Sorensen who made me aware of the idea. I figure in my old age, I can sit back and look through my books for a trip down memory here goes.

Mothers Day was a couple of weeks ago and I'm always lucky enough to spend it with my's also her birthday weekend as she was born on Mother's Day so it's off to Atlanta. We always have a whirlwind of things to do including shopping and lunch at Cheesecake Factory - always with a glass of wine and great girl talk. The food is delicious and such large portions - good for another lunch (mine on the above left is their Chinese Chicken Salad - my favorite).  LUSH is one of the stores we visit with so many yummy smelling products for bathtime and beyond...and the color - wow!

Anthropologie is another store I like to visit just to see the small vignettes they create throughout the store - so clever.
One night we went to a beautiful restaurant in Decatur, GA - Wahoo...good food and beautiful ambiance.

The entryway was lovely...we did so many other things including the Georgia Aquarium, Happy hour,  homemade pizza night, and visiting with family...I'll need a couple of days to get my energy back. Coming home, this lovely bouquet of peonies was waiting for me on the kitchen counter. ...Thank you Mike..Aren't they gorgeous!....such a great weekend.....and I hope all of you made some good memories also.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

PTA and More

PTA met a little while back at Lynnes home....there was some lovely pieces shown and still worth posting. Dort is continuing her series of her trip to France with her sister. 
I love this piece as it is so textural. Dort colored the fabric with inks which worked beautifully.

Dort has done many pieces with birds as her subject matter...This is lovely.
Lynne finished her summer quilt for a queen size bed - no batting so it's light and pretty at the same time.

Lynne has beautiful property and views; we all got a tour. The brick wall houses a trellis with staggering flower pots and geraniums mixed amongst the greens.
I love woods; they are so mysterious and calming. These are the woods on Lynnes property, I would be sitting looking at these all day or walking through them.

I love this brick "planter" with all the moss; would like to get some close-ups to print on fabric.
This plant we didn't recognize so Cathy used the app - plant snap to focus on it and the app identified the plant for us...pretty cool. Below, Lynne's enviable fabric collection - the right being hand dyes that she creates...all so neatly folded!
Loved the old rocker with a quilt, the needlepoint stool and table covered with embroidered fabric. What a cool sitting area.
I was especially fascinated with the cover on this table top - very clever.
Til next time.