Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fiber Arts Alliance continued

Don't know where the week has gone, went by in a flash, along with my blog. I wanted to share more things from our last FAA meeting; it was so inspiring. Fran Williams did the program; she is a felter and does beautiful art pieces in felt. Many members brought felted items to share like this one from Nancy Bruce. Her attention to detail is as always, wonderful!

And this beautiful nuno felted scarf and hand dyed also by Nancy!
Val McGaughey did this next piece, dyed the background fabric, then discharged images to give a very subtle look to the background and screened over it with images she drew herself - Amazing!
I love this next piece made with recycled dryer sheets.
Some of our wonderful doll-makers brought their latest. This next one with the Tartan kilt was wonderful and supposedly a true Scotsman doesn't wear anything under his kilt.
I had to be sure - and surprise - a cute pair of under-drawers were made for this Scots doll!
And this next doll

Meet Fran Williams, felter and artist extraordinaire! I've known Fran for several years and have never seen her without her hands doing something - always creating. Fran does beautiful handwork.
Here are some of Fran's felted art pieces. Her sense of color is wonderful. She mounts her pieces on silk which has been stretched over stretcher bars. This was a piece of silk shantung.
And another felted landscape.

The flowers on this piece are dimensional, felted first and then attached to piece.
Fran sometimes uses batting as a base for getting started.
She separates it making it thinner than it normally comes.
And laying rovings on top to create her design.
Fran wets this and rolls it up in something to agitate it and allow the fibers to felt together. It's a fascinating process with lovely results. It was a great meeting and an interesting and informative demo. Thanks Fran!

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