Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hi...I'm home

I just spent a wonderful week in the very small, charming town of Greenville, NY. The B&B I taught and stayed at - Greenville Arms Inn (established in 1889) was incredibly charming with great food, wonderful classroom facilities and our own rooms had all the comforts of home. The Hudson River Valley Workshops are not your typical scenario. Not only do you stay at a beautiful B&B, some rooms had a fireplace and jacuzzi, but you also get fed like there's no tomorrow AND have the opportunity to take workshops from nationally known instructors. And if that wasn't enough, a homemade cookie break every afternoon at 2:30. Boy did we watch the clock for those huge, warm, right out of the oven cookies. The first night we arrived, we became acquainted with the inn, had a wine and cheese reception and then sat down to a beautiful dinner. I was fascinated by the "fretwork" over the different entryways. The Inn was an older home with all the charm that homes of that time period had.
Isn't this just beautiful.

There are several dining rooms, all charming and lots of quilts hanging all over the walls - most of them made by owner Kim LaPolla.
This "rabbit" quilt (below) made by Kim is wonderful in person and hangs over a section of the room that houses a small shop, actually an assortment of supplies that students can purchase while taking a workshop - so convenient.
And this room which houses the 24/7 coffee and tea pot and some beautiful built in cupboards.
The Inn also runs painting classes, once in a while - Mark, our chef gets to model.
Speaking of which, here is Mark decked out in his Halloween costume. Our first day at the Inn was Halloween; we even had some Trick or Treaters.
Okay, so I'm not much of a breakfast eater but really now, how could you resist this? We started with "Greek" yogurt, granola and the largest blackberries I've ever seen (along with other fruit) and then our choice of the days specials along with other yummy delicious food.
The classroom was large with enough space for each student to spread out, have their own design wall, sink, copy machine, and the best part - it stayed open 24/7.
There were beautiful rambling brooks right outside.
After one of our decadent cookie breaks, we all decided we needed to walk off the calories and found this beautiful church
with this incredible door.
Students wore or brought some great things to share. Sheila was my clothing person and is modeling her "Carpe Diem" jacket. She is still working full time and has a great time wearing all these beautiful creations to work. She has a large following - literally - everyone in the office is following her around to get a closer look.

I'm always tickled with a great "button" treatment. Sheila found the perfect buttons in the shape of a leaf to complete her jacket.
Sandy brought a landscape quilt she was working on, an exact replica of the island she lives on in Ontario. It was quite amazing.
Margaret is working on a quilt for her nephew. She found the most unique fabric printed like our currency which she pieced into this wonderful quilt which also features horses, lots of fun things - lucky guy!
Tomorrow - more of one of the projects using fabric printed from a picture of Sheilas garden, It's just amazing.
Until then

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