Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and Placemat Chargers

Happy New Year! I hope 2011 is a good one filled with fun, good health and many hours in your studio, garden or wherever your favorite place for hanging out is.
I tried to get Molly to wear a New Years hat and diaper but that was pushing it too far. As it is, I'm on her "bad people" list after the Santa Claus suit last week, so this will have to do.
For my Christmas dinner table, I picked up these pretty gold and white placemats - standard size which is @ 13 X 18 give or take, but with the scallops, the size was cut even more.
I decided to make something very SIMPLE to go underneath to give them more size. As the fabric was being measured at a local chain store, the salesperson decided they should be called "placemat chargers" . I thought that was a clever name since they go under a placemat like a regular charger goes under a plate. They are gold tissue lame - NO batting, NO quilting, NO stiffening inside - just the 2 pieces of fabric sewn right sides together with a small opening along one of the edges to right side it. I didn't sew the opened edge - just fused it close. They are 14" x 19 1/2" but you can vary the size depending on the mat they go under.
They worked perfectly with the smaller placemat.
Wishing you a great New Years Day - football, studio time - whatever your fancy!

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