Monday, June 10, 2013

A New Small Piece

I've been working on another small piece, this one to be mounted inside a mat board. 
I started with an image of an old window and added some silk noil on the left.  Noil is a real coarse silk that's very nubby; it takes a dye beautifully but doesn't print clearly because of the coarse texture, but the color worked so I used it.
 I thought I wanted to use a tree in front of the window so I silk screened the image using black textile paint. The image wasn't real clear which I liked in this instance.
 I also added some gold couching thread along the seam line,
and stitching around the tree...
and some gold paint sticks on the tree for highlights. I love using paint sticks. They are so easy and give good results.
After quilting the piece, I used double stick carpet tape to attach to the mat. I like using mats for smaller pieces; it's an easy way to finish the piece - no binding or facing and ready to put in a frame.
Til next time....


  1. I really like it! And thanks for the explanation of your matting process. I've become a big fan of framing small works.

  2. I love this Judy! We have the same color palette...