Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Small Quilts - Aftermath Revisited

I've been working on small pieces for the Southern Highland Fair in October, pinning them up on my design wall as I go along. I'm a slow worker so seeing multiple pieces renews my sense of accomplishment. 
I love collecting sheers to use in my work; I sometimes paint a piece of organza
and stamp on top...on left.
I also love to rummage through the curtain department and bins of sewing stores. There are so many really great sheers with such interesting prints. So this one won out, with its many possibilities within the same piece and a good color for layering.
I actually started piece this a while back but it worked its way to the back burner for some reason. So I rediscovered this piece of fabric with an acrylic medium transfer of lichen on top which I quickly screened with a tree image.
And this great sheer, which I screened on top of using the same screen in reverse. 
The layered effect worked well with the sheer I used.
So then what to use along the side. I liked this color but thought the screened dragonflies might be too much so I flipped it over - easy to do when using batiks...
and screened another tree along the edge using black textile paint on the orange and discharge paste on the black areas.  To tone down the orangey area, black tulle was used. My son thought it looked like the remnants of a forest fire and named it "Aftermath".
I liked his way of thinking and made him go through some of my pieces and rename them.
Til next time.....

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  1. That is a very, very cool piece, and I think your son's insights are inspired! Maybe he could name some of my quilts. I love what your'e doing with the sheers and the discharge. Thanks for sharing!