Friday, April 4, 2014

Retreat Quilts

I've had these fabrics in my closet for a while...actually forgot about them when a friend reminded me how nicely they would work in the retreat project we were planning...I needed a few more in this Moda series and she just happened to have some to add...thanks Kate. 
 They are very soft, pretty colors and I've always loved pink and green so I was off and running with the idea.
 I am not a piecer......and no matter how hard I try, I just can't get things to line up.  This quilt was hard for a non-piecer...Would I do it again....Yes, because I love the way the fabrics worked in this pattern -  Mary Kay 5.
 Because the colors are so soft, I thought it needed a little something to sparkle it up. I thought of couching - a technique I really like to do.
 I decided to couch around the little squares and long strips AND also the main blocks in the center...way tedious and time consuming...but once started, I had to see it through.
 I really liked the results...
 This is Candlelight by YLI and a very soft couching thread.  You can't run it through the top of your machine;  you have to use it in the bobbin or couch it on top using a monofilament which is what I did.
 I still had lots of this fabric left over...too pretty to piece together for a I made an "I Spy" quilt...It's the same pattern I used on many children's quilts only this used the Moda...I like this one better than the first and a whole lot easier.
 There is a tutorial for this quilt on my blog under "I Spy" quilts...
And yes, still more fabric, so I did this little pieced quilt...and it is small.  All 3 will find different homes.
And do I have any more of this fabric?.. - you might ask...yes..and I thought maybe some pillows for the bedroom one of these quilts will be in....
   I sometimes feel this fabric has some myserious in the movie The Gremlins - they always multiply after midnight.. I might have to spend a night in my closet to find out....
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