Thursday, September 3, 2015

Welcome Home....

I've always thought of my quilts as friends, I certainly spend enough time with them, embrace them and put lots of time and love into making them. It usually takes me a while to part with them, especially the bigger ones. At some point though, like a baby bird leaving the nest, I'm ready to let go.
This piece was created for an exhibit featuring black and white in any medium - pottery, jewelry, fiber etc. The inspiration for this piece came from a drawing my son did. For my fabric interpretation, I used pointellist fabric, pigma pens and sharpies to create the dotted and shaded areas. The piece is framed which I thought it needed. Some have asked if this is the real piece or a drawing. It is a photo of the real piece. All pieces were made by the members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. This piece - The Flute Player had the opportunity to be part of an exhibit in Washington, D.C. -The Appalachian Regional Commission Headquarters. It was available for purchase and I was honored to have it included; the only downside -  it was away for a long time - over a year. It just returned home.
So welcome home - so good to see you again.


  1. That black and white piece is exquisite. Is it a quilt or a drawing or??? I can't tell from the picture

    1. Hi Susan, it is the quilt and it's framed. The inspiration for this piece came from a drawing my son did.

  2. Wonderful piece. Glad it made its way safely back home.

  3. So artistic talent runs in your family. It's a great piece! Kudos to you and your son.

  4. What an evocative piece. Has a cubist feel to it.

  5. Oh my goodness Judy - this is an amazing work of art. It is now wonder it was chosen to exhibit at The Appalachian Regional Commission Headquarters! Whoop Whoop for your big time!
    So your son takes after his mama then? :)
    I'm not sure what pointellist fabric is, but i can easily imagine you hard at work, gradually adding black dots to get the effect you wanted to achieve. This is just incredible!

  6. Hello Judy,

    Fabulous quilt, with amazing shading. Your son has real talent! I agree with Gwyned - definitely a cubist look to it.

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!

    Love, Muv