Thursday, September 1, 2016

Golden Autumn

I have done a number of quilted marbled pieces over the years...this is a more recent one that was part of the NC Arboretum Exhibit in July. This piece was a sample for the marbling book I wrote eons ago...I never did anything with it although I really liked the sample. I decided to finish it for the show; I used free motion quilting following the lines of the marbling pattern and then mounted it on a pre-stretched canvas.
 This was a more difficult technique as I used a mask (contact paper) in the shape of a leaf and laid it on the white silk before marbling. The marbling being a quick process did not loosen the contact paper shape so when removed I had some white leaves in the center of some pretty marbling. I then painted the leaf using silk paint.
 I wanted the leaves to pop so I put an extra layer of batting behind the leaf. Next came a full layer of batting covered with "soil separator cloth" from Home Depot; this "fabric" found in the plumbing dept. is similar to pattern duplicating material and much lighter than a traditional backing fabric...and it would never show.
 I wanted decorative threads for the quilting and decided on 2 different ones - a rayon for the overall quilting and Burmilana to outline the leaves. Burmilana (think it's been shortened to just Lama) is a wool acrylic thread that can be used through the top of your machine with a topstitch #16 needle. It has a wonderful presence although it does create a lot of fuzz underneath the throatplate area and should be cleaned often.
 I quilted the leaves first and then went onto the background...a mighty tedious job but the piece was small so it didn't take forever.
And the finished piece - "Golden Autumn". I am linked to Off the Wall Friday, Whoop Whoop Friday and Free Motion Mavericks. Check out these wonderful sites to see what other quilters are up to.


  1. This is absolutely stunning! Thanks for walking us thru the process.

  2. This is a wonderful piece!!! Funny, how after all this time, the time was right to finish it!!

  3. Hello Judy,
    I love your falling leaves! I remember the version you made last year.
    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks!
    Love, Muv