Monday, July 30, 2018

Spiders in my Garden

I finally finished this colorful quilt...I really enjoyed working with the colors. I did find a patterned fabric on a black background to use in the main blocks...but found it to be too busy and big for the size block I wanted to use (you can see below)
Sooooo.....I ironed a fusible web on the back on the patterned fabric and cut out individual shapes and collaged them together.
Much better I first glance, they might appear to look the same, but not so...all from the same fabric but just a little different from block to block.
In looking for a backing fabric, I wanted to use one of the colors from the front. I did love this green print on right but the sales person mentioned it was a Halloween me it's also a garden fabric...there are spiders in gardens...right?...I wish I had found it sooner as I would have incorporated some into the front...but so be it...

I quilted it with an overall stippling stitch free motion style...
So here goes..."Spiders in my Garden"...done and ready for the show at the NC Arboretum.

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