Friday, March 8, 2019

When is a Broom Not a Broom?

When I marble on fabric, which I love to do, it a a few solid days of committment as the set-up is quite involved.. I tried many methods for dropping the paint onto the surface of methyl cellulose...many use eyedroppers but I've always preferred to use the whisks from a broom.
When I used to teach marbling, I purchased it in bulk to accomodate lots of students...but now it is just for my use. It is not an easy item to find - actually what to do. Well I went to a large chain store and purchased a broom...a good old fashioned broom - one that brought back lots of memories of my grandmother and the way she cleaned.
Wow...are these things well strong and very difficult to take apart..but once that was accomplished...
I made them into little bundles around 6" long and wrapped with twine and rubberbands. I used the rubberbands first to hold them in place and then secured with twine. The rubber bands will eventually disintergrate so the twine is there as a back-up....Bring on the marbling!

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