Monday, January 6, 2020


Happy New Year and may the new decade bring lots of good things. As we enter January, I have to admit, I have a fondness for winter which many people view as WHAT...!!!!!  I've always loved cold weather - not extreme cold, but cold which suggests fires in the fireplace, comfy pjs and slippers, winter soups and lots of studio time. 
When one wakes up to this and wishing it were snow.....well maybe next time.
But it is pretty and I'll take it.
Now mind you, I grew up in New York where snow frequently visited my town. We had many snow days off from school and when I became a teacher and had to drive to school in snow....I was not happy.
So I guess it's all in your point of view or stage in it's off to my studio today...too cold to venture out. My PTA group (Professional Textile Arts) is meeting here on thurs...lots to do and hopefully a great show and tell for inspiration. Will report back.

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