Thursday, April 23, 2020

I Spy II

  Trying to finish up projects while I'm on lockdown...I find I'm slower than normal as my days don't have much structure and I've always been better in a structured situation. When I was a public school teacher, I accomplished more in a day than any other time....I guess there were no other choices....also a tad bit younger....... 
One of the things on my list was to finish "I Spy #2" for my 2 great nieces - twins....I made the first "I Spy" and a wall hanging for their room...but they should each have their own "I Spy" to drag around. This one is a little different and I do like this pattern better.
My first choice for a backing was this darling "doggie" fabric. The girls - Ellie and Abby have a dog (maybe 2) and thought they would love this....but then I got to thinking...
hmmmmmm....flannel is such a nice much softer but often hard to find the big selection you want.
While looking through my blocks, I found one was a ladybug and almost identical to the flannel so voila...think I found my backing. I washed it several times to make it shrink as much as possible and it worked to send it off.
 On another note, everytime I sit and sew or do something that fulfills my heart and day, I do think of all those on the frontline, having to leave their home, working so hard to make things safe for us...I want to give a big Shout Out and a heartfelt thanks to each and everyone...

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