Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Prints to Share

This is a continuation of our Fiber Junkies Deconstructive Screenprinting meeting a short while back. I never had the chance to show you all of the wonderful prints that came out of this afternoon of "playing". I think this was Mary's prints which she went back and added color to. The circles were created using bubble wrap underneath the screen, the lines - corrugated cardboard. I think they look amazing!
And more prints done by Carol.
This next one was done by Carol Sloan. She used a larger screen and had lots of interesting elements underneath the screen for texture.
Can you find the baby mushrooms?
This was probably the third swipe, a little more blended and lighter. The dye is beginning to exhaust, but I love this look.

Patsy, being our "in house dyer" started with a colored fabric with great results. The areas that would normally be white, have the color from the base fabric.
I love this next one and boooooo on me as I can't remember who did this, but it's a great print.
And this next one where a little more dye is released in the lower right area.
In this next one, Carol used feathers, bubble wrap, leaves, twigs and some decorative "flower" edging. Can you see the little flowers - very effective.
The prints from this screen keep getting better and better as more dye is released.
Isn't this wonderful? The best part about this process is the "unexpected" results, you never know what to expect. Sometimes, they're not so great but often they are spectacular!
And all of this magic was created at Val's studio which overlooked this!
Does it get any better - dont' think so!
Until next time