Wednesday, February 8, 2012

FAA - February, 2012

We had our February meeting of the Fiber Arts Alliance group yesterday and as always, it was inspiring, great fun and so nice to see many friends.  I really only planned on staying a short while as I have so much to get ready for the Mid-Atlantic conference but much as I tried, I couldn't pull myself away.  Heather Yurgeles showed us this beautiful scarf she made using a water soluble stabilizer.  She didn't like the way one of the yarns behaved so she crocheted an edge on the finished piece giving it more stability and definitely more WOW, it was a wonderful piece.
Sally Fargo created this wonderful portrait in fabric of her husband and a cute story behind it. Her and her husband don't do that many presents for Christmas. Like many of us, they are at the point where they buy "Christmas" presents throughout the year  -  works for me. Anyway, Sally started to get suspicious and thought maybe her husband had indeed gotten her something, so she put together this wonderful self portrait of him at the last minute
 The detail in the beard is my favorite, done with saw dust chips. Apparently he is such a neat nick, she couldn't even get the sweepings from his workshop, as he cleaned them up everyday, so she got them from a friend - It's a wonderful touch.
 And the back - tape measure fabric. I need to find this fabric for my husband as he's a woodworker.
 PS - Sally wasn't wrong in her suspicions, her hubby got her a Laptop.
Sally also showed us a sampler of an online class she was taking making use of all the decorative stitches on her machine as well as hand embroidery stitches.
 I always look forward to seeing Peggy O'Connors work - it's always wonderful and packed with great detail. Beautifully dyed fabric and beadwork - wonderful to see up close.
 Maureen Kampen shared with us a hostess gift she made for a recent trip she made to a friend's house. They are fabric coasters; the thing I loved the most was the photos they took while visiting their friends and then
 incorporating them into these small pieces of art, such as an interesting tree on one of their walks.
 And favorite sayings - as I leave you with this parting thought!
A great meeting

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