Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Quilt for Habitat for Humanity

    When a president of a quilt guild's term of office is over, members usually do something as a thank-you; often it's a quilt block in the presidents favorite color, theme or block itself.  Sara Hill, most recent president,  has been president of our guild before, received blocks before and decided this time to request house blocks - her reason - to make them into a house quilt to donate the to Habitat for Humanity local headquarters in Asheville, NC.  
     Many blocks came in and Sara wasted no time in putting together this wonderful quilt.  
 Each block is unique, colorful and wonderful to see up close and personal.
 The variety of fabrics, shapes and configurations of houses are fun.
 I think Sara asked that they be colorful, and yes they are!
 What a great tribute to such a wonderful organization.
I think there will be a plaque next to the quilt stating that blocks were made by members for Sara and Sara put it together for Habitat for Humanity.

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