Friday, October 31, 2014

Fiber Junkies Pt 1 - The Technique

Our Fiber Junkies group met this past week for another day of experimenting and fun. We were continuing with the project from the month before. Denny introduced us to a technique she learned from Judy Coates Perez. 
Last month we created a collage type base using fabric such as muslin and added images on top. Very thin napkins (peel off the back), patterns for sewing, tissues paper were used to create an interesting backdrop. I mixed up the pictures and the 1st step is below...The next thing we did (above) was to add a wash of color over the top. We used transparent paint so a lot of the imagery would show through. I also added some watered down Lumiere metallic to give it a little sheen here and there.

Next step was to draw an image on top using a fine pointed sharpie. I over exaggerated my image as I wanted a lot of the positive space inside the image to show up with the background technique.
I did go back and blend just a little more Lumiere the inside of the tree, but most of the paint was applied around the outside of the tree. I used Lumiere, once again in a wash as it can be a very dense paint and I wanted the original imagery to show in places. I still have to layer it with a thin batting and quilt it. I like the piece, kind of different. I don't know if I'll do it again but I do love anything with layering so it just might happen.
This is Mary's piece that she started last month.
She added some interesting imagery without the paint and I love the way it works.
We always hover over Val's pieces as she always seems to create the most amazing work and this time is no exception. Her starting base above....
and her ending piece.
Kate had a wonderful image she had created months ago and wanted it to be the focal point of this piece without covering it up. She was still deciding where to go with it, so in the interim was working on a piece for her sister.
I do love the color change in the negative space starting with pink at the top and green at the bottom. The tree is very effective with all the colors.
This is the beginning of Denny's piece.
and here it is finished. I like the way you have to see into the image to see what's going on - 2 athletes - one grabbing his foot and the other throwing something - a great idea.
This was Gens original...

and finished with imagery and the final wash. It's really a fun technique and always a surprise to see the way the imagery works under layers of paint.
Join me again soon, we had a wonderful day celebrating a special birthday and a great Show and Tell.


  1. Each one is so unique...interesting to see how they progress....very cool work!!!

    1. Thanks's always fun to try new things with this group...lots of creative input from everyone...