Monday, November 3, 2014

Fiber Junkies Pt 2 - The Party

And the fun continues, not only did we have such a great day of playing and experimenting but we also celebrated a special birthday for Denny. Since Denny was born in the spooky month of Halloween and also wears spider earrings, we thought this a perfect theme. 
The plates, the napkins and creepy spiders, the tablecloth was a black web sheer covering a hand dyed fabric.
We all brought home a spider but I couldn't keep mine. I would come upon it in my studio and for a second, it scared me to death. I wasn't even thinking it was evil enough to play a prank on husband or son as I know they would return the prank - so in the garbage it had to go...but it was a good one!

We hung dyed cheesecloth and Denny was given a shawl of cheesecloth to wear. You can see both tablecloths on right along with chocolate eyeballs and spiders on top.
Gen made a pot of soup and served it in a cauldron...
along with Mary's wonderful pumpkin cheesecake. did he/she get on there...
and best thing of all - home made breadsticks to look like witches fingers, cleverly created by Mary. How cool is that and an added bonus...they were delicious!
On to the jewels...yes there were lots of interesting jewelry like spider noserings being modeled by  Carol, Gens daughter who always visits us when she's up from Florida.
Denny has a glow in the dark spider necklace, a wand and broom and gorgeous hat...
and the group. We are a crazy group but we do have fun and enjoy the creative input we are able to give to each other. It's always a learning day but also a laughing and inspiration day. Happy Birthday Denny!

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