Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Gardening We Will Go

Well, we started off the season with a bang and always great fun deciding on what to plant each year.
We've used lots of perennials in the past as ultimately they are easier but have switched to annuals for color all summer long.
Our grass is still green and not crunchy brown as it is now.
Lots of day lilies...
and yard art - thanks to my son who loves designing gardens.
And around to the back, we have some pretty gardens...
doing well when first planted.

And around our bird feeder, some really unique looking - Zoey Zinnias.
Our pride and joy - an asiatic lily hybrid - gorgeous!
Our veggie garden was huge this year as John added 3 more raised beds making a total of 9 - what to do with all this food that comes in at the same time.
Raised beds are the way to go with such great soil; everything becomes monstrous in size - almost like mutants, BUT THEN.... the word got out and in came the....
BUNNIES...that grew very quickly
The Simmons "ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET" was open for business, whether we liked it or not There went our beets and some other crops. Our tomatoes did wonderful for the first couple of weeks and the the "late blight" hit hard killing all the plants...SIGH...my favorite part of the garden. These were among the few tomatos we got...
So I am so looking forward to the fall, getting out of this heat and brown crunchy grass and bad tomatos. Sept 1 marks the time for me. I know it's not truly fall yet, but in my mind, I start thinking that way - putting out decorations and
getting ready for lots of fires. I'm counting the days.
Tomorrow is Fiber Junkies with my tons of fun friends who love to play together and get messy and messy we intend to get - will keep you posted.

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  1. What a lovely, relaxing yard!!! Can't beat mother nature!