Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Handy Hubby

 My husband John has been a woodworker for many, many years. I remember the first thing he made for our first apartment - a set of bookcases out of plywood. I thought they were the cat's meow. Now when I look back...not so much but it was the beginning of his love affair with wood.  He has made much of the furniture in our home and seems to have a never-ending list of projects. His next is a new dining room table for our daughter for her big "40" birthday - wow, am I that old to have a daughter turning 40!!
Well, I have a new Bernina much bigger than others I've had; the tables he made for them don't fit this big baby, so I placed my order for another one. John loves to work in hardwoods. This was suppose to be a quick and easy, strictly functional piece. He chose Hard (sugar) Maple which is very hard and has a beautiful grain. 

 He designs it so the table drops down to allow the machine to set into it and be flush with the top of the table. It's a great design idea and so gentle on the shoulders; I'm at a perfect angle.
The grain is so interesting. He purposely used this beautiful piece in a very obvious place on the table.
It's a wonderful setup and is flush against another table giving me more room when working on a larger piece. I must say I'm lucky to have this great new table and even luckier to have such a sweet hubby to make these things for me. Thanks John!

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  1. It's actually beautiful!!! Wonderful work your hubby does!