Friday, June 9, 2017

Clever Idea

While teaching at the NC Symposium a short while back, I came upon a very clever idea from a student. 
This gal had as a carrier of sewing supplies, an old suitcase...even had some stamps like the ones of years ago.
When she opened it, the fun began...all of her sewing tools neatly displayed in one place (mine get thrown in a ziplock bag). She started with an insert for the top which she made, covered with batting and fabric. It fit very tightly so it couldn't be removed easily. Next, a long piece of elastic was placed underneath and across the width of the back. Small openings were made on the insert in order to pull the elastic through in a small loop. It was then secured in place with stitching and then continued underneath until it reappeared for the next opening. She said it was really quite easy to do. The main part of the suitcase was for cutting boards, fabric and other large items.

Suitcases used to have a ribbon to hold the top upright; this one was replaced with a colorful grosgrain ribbon. It was such fun to see and goes to every class. I love the people I meet while teaching; they fill me with so much inspiration.

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  1. What a clever idea! I've seen suitcases like this at some of the antique stores in our area! Guess what I'm going to hunt for!!! thanks for sharing this tip!