Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Well, it's been a while and my fingers are itching not only to sew but to write something....Holidays, company and yuk....being sick and on antibiotics have held me back. I belong to SAQA and there is a satellite group in the Asheville area that has started to meet more regularly, even found a great meeting place. This little group started with 3 people and has grown to around 15 very talented women.
 Since we haven't met that often until now, I'm still learning names and faces but I have permission from all these lovely ladies to show their work here on with the show! The above piece was very vibrant and I love the random piecing within each block.
 This lovely piece was created by my good buddy Mary Stori. I love everything she does and this is no exception. Mary has been creating her own fabric for a while and all this fabric is Indigo. I love the use of white mixed in and the very graphic quality to the design....such great balance.
 I first saw Kathie Briggs work on Pinterest when she was living in the midwest...How lucky for us, she came east and to less. Kathie is known for her intricately pieced designs and love of nature themes.
 This is another piece by very different but I think it is stunning!
 I love this very happy piece and do not remember the gal's name who made it....I love her sense of color and fun.
 This piece blew me away with such soft coloring and intricate piecing. I'm not a piecer so sewing many many small squares together would be quite a feat for me.
 And a detail...she had to have dyed her fabric!
 I'm such a tree person so of course this piece just grabbed me.
 I loved the scrappiness of this quilt but still very sophisticated.
And Susan Lee who does fantastic work did this very dramatic piece.
You see...I wasn't lying when I said this group has talent...indeed they do....


  1. This is a great blog post ... and one that really makes me long for a group of like-minded artists who meet occasionally to share and encourage! Thanks so much for sharing the truly talented artists in the Asheville area!

  2. Beautiful and all so different! You are so lucky to have a group like that to join. The closest SAQA chapter to me isn’t even in the same state. Thank god for online friends and fiber folks!