Thursday, February 15, 2018


Years ago I started making blog books - it's a printing of your blog in book form for whatever length of time you want...I do it yearly. I first heard about it while reading Kay Sorensen's blog. She does a blog book every year - it's her journal. I've never been one to keep a journal although I love the idea. Much as I've tried, I just forget or am not motivated enough, I'm convincd you have to have the "genes" to do it. I had an artist friend years ago - Sybil Rampen, who lived in Toronto; I taught with her so many times, she loved life and she loved journaling her life adventures. She had an entire bookcase full of journals - all hand written with watercolors of places and things that were part of her daily life. So long story short, her and Kay inspired me to do a blog book as it is my journal; it's wonderful to look back on memories I've created over the years.
 You can go back through your blog postings and do a book at anytime for any time period. I'm up to year 2015, I wait for the sales. I use the cover to highlight a quilt made during that year or an extra special event. In 2010, it was my daughter's wedding; she and her hubby - Adam were on the cover. The cover color was a deeper blue - the same color as her bridesmaids dresses with bubbles (which they had instead of rice). In 2012 the cover featured my new little granddaughter.
The back coverss often feature my little granddaughter Audrey. Since I mostly blog about fiber art and my fiber groups and girlfriends, the books are filled with those events but I do manage to sneak in family and of course my cats...This is my life afterall....and I love looking back on so many wonderful memories.


  1. I'd be very interested in knowing what companies you have used for printing your journals. I've thought about doing this several times (I"ve been blogging since Feb 2006).

    :) Linda

  2. I too print out my books. In fact, I'll be seeing Kay this month and plan on taking my 2017 book with me! They just had a 50% off sale! Woohoo! I forget how and what I've done so it's a great reference!

  3. What a great idea! And they are very well done. Did you use Shutterfly?

  4. Beautiful memories that you can hold in your hand, pass down to the next generation, and be proud of every day!