Monday, July 16, 2018

PTA - July

PTA a little late but some lovely work to share. Well we met last week and it was a wonderful time as always. Each month a different member plans the meeting...this time - Connie Brown. We started at the Folk Art Center with some visitng time, homemade cookies and a wonderful show and tell.

Barbara showed us a quilt she is working on called Loose Change...nice thing about it is...
it works in either orientation.
And look at the fabulous backing fabric she has to go with it - perfect!
Dort has been creating some wonderful pieces based on photographs she has taken on a trip her and her sister took together......
This is her sister napping...
and here is a beautiful street in France
interpreted in thread and paint.
And this charming farm house that
is so well done in fabric.
I love the brick wall.
Then it was on to the Wabi Sabi exhibit upstairs in the main gallery. As I recently mentioned, this exhibit is open to members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and takes place every 2 years using a different theme.
Barbara is front of her piece...
and Georgia in front of her piece -  the Liberty Bell...
 and me in front of mine...
To round out the day we went to a great place for lunch...forgot the name but everything delicious. I had a fried green tomato and bacon hamburger - no calories....Ri i i i i ight! ( - :

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