Friday, August 3, 2018

Nature Across the Carolinas - Fiber Art with Quilts

Last week we hung our show at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville, NC.  The show is titled "Nature Across the Carolinas - Fiber Art with Quilts" runs through September 16 of this year. 

We have close to 90 quilts on display, inluding smaller pieces placed on pedestals around the area AND
how lucky, we have the entire top floor. We try and group our pieces according to color..
or pieces that will flow nicely from one to the next. It's probably harder than you think. We are not concerned with each artist having theirs together or a hanging a certain amount...We are looking more  towards the integrity of the show.
It always works out....As different as our styles and colors are, they seem to compliment each other.
This is the widest hallway so you can step back and really get a feel for the look of the show.
I like this piece that Kate has done which is a double layer of silk, hand painted and hanging independently of each other.
This might be my favorite piece. Kate took a workshop with Sue Benner and one of the techniques was monoprinting with thickened procion dyes. The dyes were painted onto plastic and the fabric - in this case China silk, laid on top.

Here are the pedestals - a nice size and they don't interfere with our hanging space so we're actually getting more space this time around.
This is the front entrance to the show....we are all represented with at least one quilt.
There is another long narrow hall where we hang most of the bigger pieces.
The 2 quilts below are mine (left) and Kates on right

We do have a lot of smaller pieces that are doubled up which makes it interesting and allowing us more space.

I like this one of Kates she made at one of our retreats. I did the same pattern but as yet have to quilt it.
Some smaller pieces made by myself...
This is a mixed wall.....
as is this.

A very geometric piece by Mary
mine and Kates...
This show is packed full of wonderful pieces to see and does run through September 16. There is an admission from the Arboretum for parking but it's for a carload and is separate and apart from the show. Once there, not only can you see the show but have access to the arboretum for the day and a also a sweet little place to eat. Gather up some friends, hop in the car and head on over...It's quite a lovely day.


  1. I recognize some of these pieces from reading the blogs! They are so cohesive....isn't that wonderful!!! Just some wonderful pieces of art that so many will get to see up close and personal!!! Congrats on such a wonderful exhibit!

  2. So very well said Judy!! And your photos are great…...

  3. It looks like a super duper, wonderful show. Sure wish I lived close enough to see it in person.