Thursday, May 23, 2019

PTA and More

PTA met a little while back at Lynnes home....there was some lovely pieces shown and still worth posting. Dort is continuing her series of her trip to France with her sister. 
I love this piece as it is so textural. Dort colored the fabric with inks which worked beautifully.

Dort has done many pieces with birds as her subject matter...This is lovely.
Lynne finished her summer quilt for a queen size bed - no batting so it's light and pretty at the same time.

Lynne has beautiful property and views; we all got a tour. The brick wall houses a trellis with staggering flower pots and geraniums mixed amongst the greens.
I love woods; they are so mysterious and calming. These are the woods on Lynnes property, I would be sitting looking at these all day or walking through them.

I love this brick "planter" with all the moss; would like to get some close-ups to print on fabric.
This plant we didn't recognize so Cathy used the app - plant snap to focus on it and the app identified the plant for us...pretty cool. Below, Lynne's enviable fabric collection - the right being hand dyes that she creates...all so neatly folded!
Loved the old rocker with a quilt, the needlepoint stool and table covered with embroidered fabric. What a cool sitting area.
I was especially fascinated with the cover on this table top - very clever.
Til next time.

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  1. Love the table cover! How cool!!!! The woods would entice me as well...I love walking in them but don't take my girls because of the insects....can't get hubby to walk with me...and there's so much to see and talk to someone about! Oh well! Glad you got to enjoy the sights!!!