Monday, August 12, 2019

PTA - August 2019

Our August gathering of PTA was at Lindas' home where good conversation, lots of laughs, great show and tell and home made flower pots seem to rule the day.

We have such a creative and very prolific group of gals. A few months back we all went on a mini field trip to the new open studio/store of Folkwear. Some of us bought patterns - 3 of the one above. I've yet to make mine but Mareen made hers in a beautiful what looked to be a rayon, cotton blend. The fabric was soft, thin and had a beautiful hand to it, which was effective in this particular style. The fabric was striped with a fringe; the left side has a sleeve, the right just a piece that comes over to the left which is very pretty.
Mareen also showed us a top she completed. She recently was an assistant to a workshop that Georgia B was teaching at John Campbell Folk Art School and this was the project...soooo
 she had to make one for herself. The wide border (above) was perfect with the other fabrics she chose for the quilt.
Marene also showed her mini challenge piece the 2 of us decided to do after hearing Susan Cleveland's lecture. We made a small piece using the teeny tiny piping as well as Prairie points...They both look so different but feature the same techniques.
Dort's brother in law has a favorite kimona he wears - fabric pattern of a Sumo wrestler (below right). It ripped across the neckline and she was asked to repair it but had none of the same fabric....sooooo, she improvised with a mermaid applique and little "pasties" and as an extra little laugh, look what happens when you lift the little tassel (on left, red line). Too cute!

Lynne is a member of the Modern Art Quilt Guild and recently took part in a challenge - "Color Your Negative Space". A large bag held lots of crayons, each member was to reach in (no peeking!) and pick out 3 colors, then color those crayons on the challenge sheet (above left)....and then create a piece using just the 3 colors + white. A great idea for a challenge.
Lynne also shared with us her new quilting pattern which seemed to work better with the tensions of her machine.
 Georgia is working on a skirt from the Folkwear Pattern series, it will be lovely when finished.

Linda makes the most amazing pots using 4 different types of materials. They are very organic looking. Some have patterning which she creates by pressing clear wrap and then wire etc. into them as they are drying (like the one below). They all have drainage and her plants are thriving.

It was a feast for the eyes and even more fun...
we all took some home!
 Mary showed us 3 new pieces...think I may have shown before but worth seeing again...the top, lots of thread painting with appliqued trees on top. The lower left a detail of a piece using deconstructive screen printed fabric as a background and on the right - a cozy up quilt for Mary when she watches TV or reads at night.

Linda is a big Boston Terrier person and has always had them, fostered them etc....these are her children. "Charlie" (Charlene) is the granddaughter of my favorite one of her doggies - Libby who died a couple of years back....but little Charlie lives on and decided to join us for the meeting. I must say she was very well behaved and quite content to spend the day with us. 
We had a wonderful meeting and came home full of inspiration, food and wine.

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  1. Always great seeing how prolific this group is!!! Love that wrap Mareen made!!! Very nice!!!