Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Southern Highland Craft Guild Heritage Day

 The Southern Highland Craft Guild hosted the annual Heritage Day on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend. Events included singing, clogging, sheep shearing, sheep herding, wood crafts, weaving, quilting, soapmaking and many more. It's wonderful for children and adults. First stop was the woodcarver showing his beautiful work as well as demonstrating the craft.

My granddaughter Audrey was intrigued how he started with a block of wood and ended up with a beautiful hand carved and painted bird.
 The weaver was also fascinating to watch...
 Wow...so that's what a loom is......
  I think Audrey's favorite was the quilting or maybe just Connie....or probably both. Connie Brown had a quilt set up for everyone to try their hand at.....She also had a display of some of her own quilts and step by steps for piecing a quilt.

Audrey took some stitches and was then asked to sign her name and where she was from...
 She also has a thimble on her finger...never too young to learn to use one. I learned early on and can't sew without one now.  Below....Martha Owens was showing carding and preparing the rovings to be spun into yarn for weaving...each child was able to take some rovings to feel how soft they were.

A table full of different kinds of apples, many of which are not grown for public use anymore. I can't believe how many varieties there are.
 Audrey loved to pick them up and sniff each one...yum.
  One of the highlights was the herding of sheep...I thought I got a picture of the beautiful Border Collie but the light was too strong. He was amazing and so smart...he also herded some geese and got them to cross the bridge.

The woodcarver who made houses was amazing...so creative and fun to see.

Well, it was back to quilting with Connie where Connie suggested that Audrey asked me to teach her to sew?!
Are those the best words to say to a "quilting nana"...I should say so
 What a great, fun and educational day for people of all sizes and ages...


  1. Can Audrey get any cuter? Really, so adorable……wonderful you are able to have this shared activity with her.

  2. What a wonderful day for you and your grand daughter! Never too early to show them all about textiles and other art work!!! She'll remember this in her adult days too!