Saturday, March 21, 2020

Nature Center and Winter Trees

I know we all love spring and the awakening of trees and flowers but I do love winter trees....perhaps because you can really see the configurations of all the branches. I find it most amazing and most of my photographs for silkscreens comes from these beautiful naked trees.
My granddaughter was here recently and we found a perfect day (weather wise) to go to the Nature Center in Asheville and also where I could get my fix for winter trees.
 First stop all the cute animals...It used to be where you could walk into the pen and up to the animal to pet...They  (animals) didn't care for it, made them nervous so we are now confined to the outside and if the animal wants to visit, they will come up to you...The little guys above are shy and this is about as far as they will come....I do appreciate that they put the needs of the animals first.

Look at this sweet face...he definitely wanted a pet and he got plenty. I love the one on the right bottom who is quite shy and also very "knock-knee-ed" cute!

The bob cat....all the animals were out and active because it was a cooler day.

So here they wonderful trees....Another reason to love them is because they also allow us to see all the nests not visible in the granddaughter was fascinated with this. In my photos...I try and get the backdrop of a blue sky which makes it easier to make into a silk screen....some beautiful configurations below...
And the red fox (right) and the red panda (left)...(bottom) which they've never had before....Many years was the style to buy and wear red fox hats and me being a silly teeny-bopper that I was had to have one...I still have it and it breaks my heart to see the beautiful animal it came from...boooo on me...
It was a beautiful day and I certainly took enough pics of trees to make some nice imagery...

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  1. Nice that you got out!!! HA We're staying housebound, although I do take the dogs out and will venture out to grocery store on Tuesday or Thursday...they have senior "hour" from 7 - 8 a.m. !