Thursday, April 16, 2020

Making Masks

Hunkered down and doing fine is what I wish for you....I'm pretty okay with it as I have lots of unfinished projects, redecorating the master bedroom, solitary walks, cleaning out and just embracing the down time. It's a big adjustment when going anywhere essential with masks, hand sanitizer, keeping a distance...etc. but most everyone seems to be complying. I think sometimes a national emergency like this brings out the best in people...the reaching out, thinking to call, leaving little things on your porch steps, sharing funny stories...I could go on and on...but my heart is lightened by the actions of so many selfless people who's only concern is for others and their well being.
 I've been doing my very small little part by making masks...I have the fabric and lots of time....I started by making every neighbor in my subdivision a mask. I live in a small community so it was not overwhelming. I know many of them so well, I was able to hone in on their hobbies and find fabric to suit them.
 My neighbor Ruth who is a darling loves to garden - both veggies and flowers; her yard is a joy to see. She grows many vegetables including carrots and invites my granddaughter over to pull the carrots, wash them off and feed them to the horses nearby. It is a memory my granddaughter will keep her mask...some veggie fabric.
 My neighbor Frank has had bears in his yard...and yes we even have a video (filmed from our car) so I found some wonderful bear fabric for his mask...
I've also made some smaller ones for the kiddos and my granddaughter in Atlanta. They were the most fun as I could use lots of color and sparkly fabric....Next some for Manna Food Bank in Asheville, NC.
I was wanting to keep a journal of this very scary, crazy, unpredictable time in history...but it's sometimes hard for me to write ....This is one for the history books and although very sad, scary and unpredictable, I'm glad to have experienced this.........getting to witness the very best side of us as Americans is priceless.......thank you to everyone.... getting up every day to go to work, working tirelessly to save lives, stocking supermarket shelves and everything in between.. God bless you all ....


  1. Fun to match the fabric with the freind! Well done. I posted some masks on my blog, too. Come visit when you can.

  2. Really nice of you to make the masks! Love the bear fabric!!!! How cool!