Friday, October 15, 2010

Fiber Junkies - Deconstructive Screenprinting

Another wonderful Fiber Junkies meeting - this time to try some deconstructive screenprinting, a technique I recently learned at John C. Campbell School. Kerr Grabowski was a wonderful instructor and I highly recommend taking a class from her. All the FJ-ies brought blank screens and lots of texture. I supplied the dyes and print paste. Patsy brought this bag of shredded paper - who knew and what great texture it made. I went home with all the leftovers.
We went on a search outside for leaves and interesting shapes to go under the screen, aluminum foil was another great texture.
The orange plastic is a type of fencing found at construction sites.
And under the screen they went - think there are going to be some amazing prints.
Also seen are feathers, ferns, bubble wrap and lace.
Next step - squeegee on the thickened dye.
This was a pine branch done with Indigo - a really an interesting look.
Small bubble wrap and tiny foliage below....
Many screens were made using more than 1 color dye.
This was nutmeg colored dye and I love the little flower (white) which was part of a fabric trim, it worked great.

Now to let the screens dry; it was a nice, sunny day which made for quick drying.
Here are some of the results - I love this one. The circle down towards the bottom is from a "take out box". It's amazing, once you start doing this technique, you view the world differently. Everything suddenly becomes a treasure and has potential for texture.
This pine bough print is amazing in person. Mary laid corrugated cardboard underneath for additional texture. This is the first print but the later ones are even better.
More of the dye is released and fills in a lot of the white areas.

Additional color can be added once the print is made as early or first prints often have a lot of white in them.
This next set of prints are all from the same screen.
In this next set, you can see the progression - the left side being the first one with lots of white and not a lot of dye released yet.
Color can be added or you can add color to the print paste to squeegee with for a subtle overall color where the white would be.
This was great fun and I'll have more to show and share.
Until next time

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  1. This looks like too much fun! I love the serendipity
    of the process.