Thursday, September 8, 2011

PTA Meeting Today

We had our September meeting at Dort Lees house and as always it was full of fun, chatter, great ideas and food, yummy dessert with fresh out of the garden blueberries and enough ideas to keep us going for years. Amongst the talking and laughing we did manage to get in our show and tell, always a highlight for inspiration. Cathy N showed us her progress on her challenge piece for our show "Inspired By" to open at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA this coming February. Cathy has always loved the artist Kandinsky; when this challenge came along, it was no contest, this was her artist of choice. Her blocks are wonderful to see in person.
They're all so spontaneous and colorful. Each one is different - she plans as she goes along.
Whatever the block suggests to her. She's calling this wonderful piece - "Sunnyside Up".
Mary S is working on a beautiful piece which she has given more detail to on her blog. It has wonderful beading on it and also beautiful hand dyed felt.

Janice M showed us a fun quilt called circles and bubbles - great color and just fun to see up close and personal.

Janice also created this beautiful heirloom piece in needlepoint which she also loves to do.
I was fascinated by the beautiful mottled effect which was created using 4 strands of silk thread in different values of the same color and mixing up the proportions such as 2 strands of dark, 1 strand of medium and 1 of light. Next time might be 1 strand of dark, 2 of med and 1 of light;  it's what creates the beautiful mottled effect in the background. Plenty more show and tell to follow as well as our outdoor photography adventure with Kate and Cathy - Stay tuned.

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