Saturday, August 17, 2013

PTA - Fields of Fabric

I'm back from New York, exhausted but full of great memories...more on that later.  The first day home was filled with laundry, bills and other mundane chores.  The next day - Thursday,  was my reward with a monthly meeting of PTA. We met at the home of Barbara S, shared our latest works, news, ate lunch and had a yummy lemon cake for dessert made by our hostess. Barbara has a friend who has a friend kind of thing that gave her lots of outdated books of decorator fabric. 
We were told to bring our scissors and a very large bag to bring our samples home in. So let the cutting begin.
I need more fabric like I need a toothache but who can resist.  It was great fun, very social and very addictive.
Barbara showed us a piece she made using all silk samples - lovely in person.
Gen also shared a piece she made. The small squares in the center still have the heavy paper on back.  It's such a simple but elegant piece and a beautiful use of neutrals.
More to follow.....

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