Monday, August 4, 2014

Make it Work! and (tu-tus)

In the words of the wonderful Tim Gunn from Project Runway (one of my favorite shows)...Make it I did!
 I was in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago helping my daughter set up her room in a new school, a much smaller space as EIP teachers do lots of one on ones working with children who need extra help to bring them up to their class level. Jill, my daughter is an organizer and wanted to go through every shelf, every bit of everything to see resources available to her and to clean out and re-group. She also felt after seeing so much on the shelves, it had the potential of being a distraction for young children.
After working at school the first day, we headed to a big chain store to buy inexpensive curtains; there was nothing to our liking. I thought of sheets and lucky for us, they had the perfect ones - polyester/cotton, not great to sleep on but perfect for curtains. They needed some cutting and re-hemming but the size was there. I set up in the small room next to hers. Luckily I had brought my machine to hem curtains I had made for another window.
 It wasn't ideal but I made it work. There was lots of ironing to do, 5 very large panels and the tables were so low. My back was aching already and I hadn't even started. Jill's room is on the lower level right next to the cafeteria and no one was due back until the following week.
 hmmmmmm....looks like there might be some potential for ironing in here.
 I found this large work surface in the corner, covered it with the towel I use to cover my machine when traveling and voila! It was wide, very long and perhaps the best ironing surface I ever used. I had all kinds of things with me, pins, scissors to cut threads, tape measure. I wonder what the kitchen workers thought if they came upon an overlooked piece of thread, pins or red binding.
 I finished all 5 panels, hard to see in the picture but they were a gray and white print; I used a red binding as a pop of color 6 inches up from the bottom. It was a tiring day but great fun and we both went home happy campers.
Now onto the party for my granddaughter.
 That same weekend was Audrey's 2nd birthday; she does love cupcakes but we have to spell the word in front of her, if she hears it, she wants one NOW!
 She also loves to dress up in her tu-tu and cowboy boots and be a scary monster.
Terrible twos or not, I do love this age...there's nothing cuter!
Til next time...


  1. Well done- you are a devoted mom to make this effort. There's excitement and satisfaction is getting a classroom organized and ready for the new school year. The curtains are a perfect solution to the profusion of supplies that could distract the students. Cute tutu two-year old.