Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Quilts & Writing on Blackboards

 I think I'm losing it...thought I published this blog but it's not in my blog posts...so here goes again...Our PTA group had a field trip for our meeting last week...downtown Asheville - always such a great place to spend an afternoon. First stop was an exhibit by the Asheville Modern Quilt Guild at Handmade in America. It is a lovely exhibit with a wide range of styles...some modern, some traditional.

The green white and black quilt is by Emily Coffey and quite striking. The quilt to the right was created by Amy Anderson...another lovely piece. 
This is the raffle quilt made by members of the group and one of my favorites.
 This next piece is by Connie Brown and my personal favorite. Connie is a well known bee-keeper in Asheville; this piece is so personal and represents Connie's love of bee-keeping
 This next piece, (I failed to get the maker's name) is a lovely color blocked quilt. It looked like she used some silks. After the exhibit and a short meeting with show and tell, we went downtown to the Wicked Weed known for their exotic beers and good food...great fun and then a walk through town.
 The main part of town has several large blackboards...ground to around 7' high and little bins with big pieces of colored chalk. It says Before I die...I want to...........

Make a difference....be cool....
 This one caught my eye...use up all my fabric...and right underneath it someone wrote...I want to do what she's doing with an arrow pointing up.  Looks like some quilters were here.
I would love a day in my studio without interruption....sigh....
Til next time....

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