Friday, September 5, 2014


I really like doing small pieces as I usually am working around everyone and everything. I do love the big "sink your teeth into" pieces also, but smaller ones allow me to be creative and move on to something else. I just finished up another small piece using some digital imagery I had printed on fabric.  
 I also get a chance to try out new surface design techniques without a big investment in time or fabric. This piece has a lot going on..... silkscreen, discharge, digital printing, decorative thread work...
 I used a silkscreen of a tree on top of the castle image. I also used it on the orange stripe to give it a little more visual texture.
 I love my silkscreen of thistles which I made from thistles I picked years ago....on a morning walk. I do like the colors in this piece but it is quite subdued and needed some added pizazz; I thought stitching with a sparkly thread would help.
 I used thickened discharge paste and screened images of trees along the bottom. The images came from my enormous file of tree pictures, many of which I photographed along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Here is the finished piece...quite squared off but my photgraphy does distort it and make the edges look uneven (don't know how to prevent that).
Have a glorious weekend and in the meantime check out Off the Wall Friday and Whoop, Whoop Friday.  which I am linked to.


  1. I've been thinking about using photos in some way for a while and your piece is really inspirational. I love how your different techniques are combined to make a really atmospheric, evocative piece.