Monday, April 4, 2016

Ice Dyeing Pt 2

To continue from the previous post, 
the next morning, hanging our pieces out to dry was a challenge - crazy wind going on but everything sure did dry quickly.

Mary wanted to do some microwave dyeing as she needed lots of solids to go with her stash of mottled and deconstructive printed fabric.
As I mentioned before, we had a wonderful assortment of fabrics to work with. This was an old dresser scarf with gorgeous lace on each end. It looked to be a linen and dyed beautifully (even the lace).
and a detail....
Mary brought some commercial fabrics she wasn't in love with and tried overdyeing them - think she's loving them now.
The red piece (Mary's) was one of the solids she was wanting; she was working with silk noil which is a favorite of mine also...takes the dye so well, has a lovely nubby texture and lots of stability to use as a base fabric (unlike many silks which are slippery).
This was an overdyed piece which had poor results from a previous experiment...think it turned out really nice here. Mary went back and sprinkled dry bleach on top to break up some of the Fuchsia.
This was one of those "happy accidents" done in the ice dyeing tray....This fabric bunch was using blues; a gold colored dye blew over from the neighboring fabric bunch and mingled with blue...Wow, what great results! With ice dyeing, you just never know what's going to happen which is what makes it so much fun!
This is the same fabric (top and bottom) - a commercial white on white, dyed with the ice dyeing technique. You can see the difference from front to back. The front is actually lighter (top) because the white on white design is printed on the surface and doesn't take the dye. The back, free of the design, takes the dye more intensely. A fun 2 for the price of 1....
And of course...the best part...being with girlfriends that love doing the same thing...
and watching the sunset while drinking some bubbly....doesn't get any better than that....Nope it really doesn't...and stay tuned for part 3.... I am linked to Off the Wall Fridays.