Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ice Dyeing Pt. 3

Home and finished ironing the last of the pieces. 
Kate had found a huge linen sheet - brand new at a garage sale. It was a great find, beautiful fine linen but not sure how it would dye - results above and below.
Really like the linen...
A PFD mercerized....
and rayon which also takes the dye so well.
And the last of the linen which I think is my favorite, great color and texture.
And another pretty combo in a mercerized cotton....
and a reminder to check your gloves to make sure there's no holes in them. Guess where my glove had a hole?
Here's the dilemma we had while ice dyeing we ran out of racks as the vinyl shelving only held 3 bunches.

So we tried screening with clothespins to hold it in place which worked well but the weight of the bundles made it sink in the middle along with the ice migrating towards the center.
Screens already stretched and in a frame - very inexpensive from home improvement stores to lay on top, no clothespins, no sinking....Voila! problem solved and can't wait to try it out. The end! to a great 3 days with wonderful friends.


  1. I like using screens the best too and I love your results!

  2. Love the thumb! Oh, yea..the fabrics are great too!

  3. Your fabrics are delightful! I have to read more about this technique. Visiting from Confessions of a Fabric Addict.