Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Craggy Trees & a Great Tip!

We are in my favorite "tree season". As much as I love the fall and the beautiful color of trees, I truly love "naked" trees for the wonderful configurations you see.

I especially love the craggy trees. There is a place on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville, NC called Craggy Gardens. They have a wonderful hiking trail and lots of these trees with all the lichen and moss and stubby branches. They are so interesting. They are great subject matter for someone who does machine or hand embroidery ....what a field day they would have....

Maybe one of these days I will attempt to duplicate this...I especially like the upper right and left views as they are close in and you can get a lot of detail with thread, paint etc. There are also some beautiful color variations you can see in these very subtle pictures.

So here is a cool little tip which I've published in years past....I have used this so many times. Often a photograph is hard to break down into specific colors....especially those involving nature. The website CSS Drive Image to Colors Palette Generator will do that for you. Above you see my photo (below left) which has been uploaded to their click on a button and within seconds, they break your photo down for you AND in different cool is that. The official site is  Give it a try.

I think I would start with a digital image as a base and go from there...perhaps several of the same image printed on very different fabrics and layer them on top of each other, cutting away different parts on each layer. This is a technique I learned from the very gifted fiber artist Pat Mink.

Might be a cool way to start the New Year - 2021 which I think I can vouch for every person reading this....We Are So Ready For!!


  1. You link to CSS drive takes you back to your blog. But I did check it out by entering Thanks for the great tip!!!! Wow...this could be a real life changer!

    1. Mary realized that also and let me know so I was able to fix it...appreciate the heads up from you both. It's hard to see the breakdown of colors sometimes and have turned to that helpful.

  2. BTW, your pictures are fantastic! And are so inpspiring!!!

  3. I love trees with character. Very much like Wabi Sabi. Thank you for the tool tip.