Saturday, November 21, 2020


As creative people, I think we all wonder about odd things that others may not give a second thought those little cups that come with laundry detergent and dryer sheets and oh yes....big candy bags that are empty. Surely there must be a good way to recycle them into something useful and cute.
Our pal Kate Weston from our PTA group headed up the annual retreat the last 2 years and came up with prizes for everyone....Well they were all wonderful, but secretly I know that mine was really the best. Kate took an empty Twizzler bag, laminated it with a laminate appropriate for fabric and made it into a pouch for carrying thread, scissors etc. 
It even had a zipper.....
and was quilted....and the cute! How clever is this....I could even see these as a cute bag for a younger person....just put a long strap on it.....
And the best HAVE to eat all the candy before you use the bag!

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